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Proteach is one of the game changers that have emerged to provide a digitally optimized system of home tutoring for students in Nigeria. The website was born out of the need to deviate from the traditional classroom system of “one teacher to 30 students” to “one teacher to one student”. In accordance with the founder’s philosophy, students comprehend at varying levels and hence, should be taught by their tutors on a one-on-one basis. Recognizing A Flaw In The Educational System Obasolape Abiola launched Proteach in September 2016. Long before this, Abiola had encountered a flaw in the educational system; while teaching in a public secondary school during his National Youth Service year, he was saddled with the responsibility of teaching a student who was performing woefully in Mathematics because the school system didn’t favour her. After about two months, he observed that the student had drastically improved in answering mathematical questions and as a result rose to the top of the class. This gave Abiola deep insight into the educational system which he found to be flawed because of the inability of teachers to give maximum attention to multiple students at the same time. As a result, he founded Proteach as a personalized means of learning for students across the country. How Does Proteach Work? The website,, is home to tutors teaching a wide range of academic subjects. Parents and learner alike can click on the website and have their pick of tutors who match their requirements and expectations. Proteach is also open to people who are genuinely passionate about teaching and have the required qualifications to impart knowledge to learners. It ensures tutors are qualified through its rigorous mode of verification and vetting system in the selection process. Milestones and Achievements For Proteach Proteach has had spectacular growth from selling 500 tutoring hours in September 2016 to 4000 tutoring jobs as of February 2017. It also had an impressive customer retention rate that stood at 95% in 2016 and a lifetime value at an average of 6 months.

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This article was first published on 8th October 2018


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