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  In a bid to support nutritional improvement in West Africa, the United States Mission in Nigeria on Thursday, May 27th, 2021, via a tweet announced that it is ready to fund ‘’breakthrough research’’ on garri production.
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Garri, which boasts as the most popular staple food in Nigeria, is the powdery food material flour obtained from the cassava plant tuberous roots which is turned into dry edible granules during the process of manufacture. Tweeting on its plans towards the research, the US Mission disclosed that the US Department of Agriculture and the American Soybean Association are offering support to researchers in West Africa in other to commercialize the use of soy flour.
‘The United States is funding breakthrough research on garri production to support nutritional improvement in West Africa. U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Soybean Association are supporting West African researchers to commercialize using soy flour in processing garri – undoubtedly Nigeria’s most popular staple food.’ US Mission
Further, the US Mission revealed that the research will bring about ‘’scientific breakthroughs’’ which has a huge potential of curbing some nutritional deficiency such as iron deficiency anaemia and protein malnutrition.
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Sources Twitter @USinNigeria Featured Image Source: The Guardian NG
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This article was first published on 27th May 2021


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