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People travel for different reasons. But that does not mean they enjoy traveling. People who love traveling will look for excuses to travel rather than wait for a reason to do so. Understanding the type of traveler you are will better help you determine what type of travel package appeals to you.

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So here are a few classes of travelers you may identify with:

Solo Traveller – This traveler enjoys being alone on their adventures. These are sometimes called retreaters or weekend travelers. That’s because they can take off at a moment’s notice without planning. Since they are traveling alone, there is usually no fanfare on their trips. They just pack up and go. The trip could either be a soul-searching experience or a retreat to chill out.

Vacationer/Holidaymaker – These travelers love to visit destinations like resorts for holidays. They prefer to travel during scheduled vacation periods, like their annual leave. Sometimes, it is not so much about the choice of destination compared to having a fresh experience. For instance, they may repeatedly choose to visit Lagos but will immerse themselves in different experiences every time they visit. As long as they can explore somewhere new, have fun and relax, they are good.

Functional Traveler – To this traveler, traveling is done out of necessity. If the need to travel never arises, they will go nowhere. Functional travelers are business travelers, shoppers, students, medical travelers, etc. When they can, they immerse themselves in the new destination. But most times, they focus more on why they traveled. For them, traveling is not the goal. And until they meet the goal for which they traveled, they may not participate in exploring the destination. 

Tourist – A Tourist is a person who travels or visits a place for pleasure. They stick to famous destinations and engage in touristy activities for their trips. They have their to-do lists, tour guides, and sites they must see before they leave. Sometimes, they choose to travel during festive seasons.
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Adventurous Traveler – These travelers enjoy trips involving adventure. Sometimes they are thrill-seekers, other times, they are nature-explorers. Adventures include camping out in Taraba or Ekiti State, chasing waterfalls in Abuja or Nasarawa, backpacking on the Mambila plateau, or even taking a road trip within Nigeria or West Africa. Thrills include spending time at a water park in Agbor, amusement parks in Lagos, jet skiing in Abuja. As long as it helps them taste an experience they have never had before, they are up for it.

Group Traveler – This class of travelers does not care who is in the group as long as they are with a group. They believe in the philosophy of the more the merrier. That’s why they sign up for group tours organized by tour operators like Social Prefect tours, Motley, Naidrenaline Adventures, etc. And there is always someone among them that encourages everyone in the group to attempt different things during the trip. This adds color to every trip taken together. 

The Pilgrim The Pilgrim – This class of travelers travels mainly for religious purposes. They enjoy visiting houses of worship like mosques, shrines, churches, holy sites, etc. So when you hear of foreigners visiting Nigeria for the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, they are just pilgrims. Only a few would make out time to visit other cities or states in Nigeria during their stay.

Now that you know the different travelers, which type of traveler do you think you are?


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This article was first published on 14th March 2022


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