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  The beauty of the underdeveloped nature of Nigeria’s tourism destinations makes them ‘green’ locations. ‘Going green’ means being environmentally friendly to protect the planet.
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So while having resorts and fancy buildings around our natural resources might seem like development, sometimes, they harm the environment. Nigeria is home to a lot of endangered species of animals and plants that are only found in the wild. We don’t know enough about the value of these creatures and plants around us. That’s why it’s a good thing that we have not been ruthless in monetizing our natural resources for entertainment value. Here are some ways to have ‘green’ vacations in Nigeria:

Choose Tour Activities With Fewer Carbon Emissions

Flights and vehicles emit fumes into the atmosphere. You can choose travel and tour activities that do not require the use of hydrocarbons. I’m talking about activities like hiking, kayaking, walking tours, rafting, bike riding, horseback riding, skating/rollerblading, canoeing, etc. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive oh, it just means you consider driving a car using clean energy. Of course, driving an electric car in Nigeria may seem unrealistic but that’s why I said consider. Do all you can to limit the use of machinery causing air pollution in the name of tourism. The aim is to reduce the frequency of use or your dependency on equipment consuming hydrocarbons to function.
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Spend Time At Nature Conservation Centers

You can plan your trip around visiting nature reserves and rescue centres/animal sanctuaries. Places like Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Jos Wildlife Park, Ogba Zoo and Nature Park, Gashaka Gumti National Park, amongst others. Here you will spend more time walking around and watching the animals in their habitat. It’s a great space for forest bathing, soaking up the animal/nature’s noises and silence. You will breathe clean air and be in touch with nature.

Be Environmentally Conscious

If you travel to a place where you can drink from a tap, please do. Otherwise, I would suggest you get a water bottle and fill it up with clean water you can drink. Buying sachet water is fine but you end up littering the bus you are travelling in or throwing it on the ground. Remember, plastics are not bio-degradable so it’s best to avoid using them or disposing of them as though they were. Package your trash responsibly. Separate recyclable objects from biodegradable items. If there is a recycling bin in your hotel room, use it. When you are leaving your room, switch off the lights, unplug electrical appliances you aren’t using, etc. You can drive electric or solar-powered golf carts or use drying areas instead of a dryer after washing. Just ensure you do things that help protect the environment. So when next you see videos or pictures of people hiking through a forest to swim in a warm spring or chasing a waterfall, don’t turn your nose at them. They are just enjoying nature as intended and ensuring they leave it as they met it. That’s going ‘green’. Featured Image Source: Science Friday
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This article was first published on 13th June 2021


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