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  img_2777 Toyota has opened the $2 million ultra-modern body and paint repair workshop equipped with high-tech equipment for use. Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria Ltd, Mr. Chandrasheker Thampy, has said that the workshop, located at the company’s facility at Oregun road is designed as a game changer. He described the body and paint repair segement as a large untapped market in an organized sense because its trained approach has not been in existence in the country. He said that theirs was not going to be a public workshop but a training centre to pass the skill to dealer workshops – serving as a training school for them. He said that by this development, they would be encouraging dealers to take advantage of the facilities at the center to provide good after sales services to the benefit of end-users of Toyota Vehicles. He explained, “We are transferring high-tech skills to dealers to satisfy our customers.” Mr. Nishant, who is in charge of the facility said it was important to train the company’s dealers because “the lack of basic and standard knowledge in body and paint work process necessitate the new innovation in body and paint skill knowledge in Nigeria.” He said that body and paint in Nigeria really lacked the modern work, process and methodology required to boost their dealer body and paint after sales activity. Training, he said was an investment rather than expense as it also brings quality on the job process aimed at customer retention and trust. He explained, “Training gives the right product selection, which gives added quality of work, reduces rework and increases customer trust.”

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This article was first published on 15th April 2014

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