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Nigeria is becoming a cashless society where people buy goods, and services and pay for them online. They believe it is more convenient and secure to do so rather than carry cash around. Digital payment methods such as Internet banking, mobile banking, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), banking cards, and payment links are what made this possible. Alongside digital wallets, a more recent addition.

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Digital wallets bridge the financial exclusion gap while making transactions a lot easier.  According to a 2020 report by Statista, about 10 per cent of digital payments in Nigeria were transacted through e-wallets.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a software, electronic device or online service that enables individuals and businesses to make transactions. It is also known as an electronic wallet. It runs on mobile devices and securely stores users payment information and passwords. You may think of it as your purse or wallet that helps you keep your money, debit cards etc. You take money from them and pay for either goods or services. A digital wallet, or e-wallet, serves the same purpose as your physical wallet but in an electronic form.

Several reliable digital wallet options are available in Nigeria. Some are for sending and receiving fiats and making purchases online while others are for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This article wants to share top fiat wallets you can use in Nigeria to make payments. They include


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Quickteller is a product of Interswitch, a payments company founded by Mitchell Elegbe in 2002. Theewallet is one of the most used e-payment platforms in Nigeria with a focus on facilitating transactions in Africa. Quickteller is a multi-channel payments platform designed to make payments easy, seamless and enjoyable.

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With Quickteller, you can transfer and receive funds, pay bills, and make online purchases. You even have access to a short-term loan. It is easily linked to any Nigerian bank and offers regular ecash funding options and processes money transfer receipts with Western Union.



Paga is a mobile payment startup that enables people to send and receive money digitally. Founded in 2009 by Tayo Oviosu, it has a mobile wallet where users can conduct transactions. Via the wallet, users can send money, request money, get remittances, pay bills, receive money etc. It also offers basic banking services such as savings accounts, wire transfers, and merchant services.

Wallets Africa


Wallets Africaallows users to Receive money, send money, buy airtime, pay bills, and make online payments everywhere from their digital wallets and magic VISA cards. It was founded in 2016 by John Oke. Wallets Africa lets you create three virtual accounts from different banks and virtual dollar cards on their platform. There are over 230 thousand individual accounts and over 20 thousand business accounts registered on its platform.

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The virtual dollar cards can be used elsewhere for various kinds of payments, mostly international payments that may not be possible with local cards.



Getbarter is a financial product of Fintech Unicorn Flutterwave. It was founded by Olugbenga Agboola and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji in 2016. Getbarter helps users to be borderless. That is to send and receive money anywhere at no cost. It also allows users to create a virtual dollar card and a gift card for international transactions.

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Chipper Cash  


Chipper Cash enables cross-border payments and money transfers within and between different African countries. With chipper cash, users can pay bills (cable TV, internet, and electricity) and purchase airtime. Launched in 2018, it offers users mobile-based transactions, and P2P payment services in seven countries: Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya. Chipper Cash has over 3 million users on its platform and processes an average of 80,000 transactions daily.

Bottom line 

All these wallets are available on the google play store and the ios app store. Signing up means you can easily perform transactions from anywhere by using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or other similar devices. Again, your international transactions and currency conversion during transactions will be less cumbersome and less exposed to fraud.

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This article was first published on 24th August 2022 and updated on July 12th, 2023 at 4:40 pm


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