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Ever worked on your laptop for so long that the movement of the hand from the keyboard to mouse seem tiring? I’ve been there and I’m sure you would have been too; a time when you wished you knew shortcuts that would just make you stick to the keyboard alone without your hands roving. Anyways, I did a little research and some digging and I came up with these 5 shortcuts (I have more, but I think I might share later) that would help our wishes turn to horses. Here they are:

1. Minimize A Window

Tired of using the mouse and pointing it on to the usual place just to minimize a Window? You can use the Windows + M keys to minimize a presently highlighted Window quickly without using the mouse.

2. Splitting Screen to Work on Two to Four Applications at a Time!

One of the best features of Windows 10 is the ability to snap windows next to each other so you can split the screen evenly between two to four applications. To perform this snap feature with the keyboard hit Windows + Left Arrow to snap a window to the left side of the screen or Windows + Right Arrow to snap it to the right. If you want your application to take up a quarter of the screen, hit Windows + Up Arrow or Windows + Down Arrow after you snap it to the left or right and it will move into the corner. If you have more than one screen, you can hit the key combo more than once to move a window from one screen to another and you can snap a different window to each monitor edge, allowing you to have eight snapped windows on two displays (or twelve on a three-display setup). If a window is not snapped, hitting Windows + Up Arrow maximizes it while Window + Down Arrow minimizes it.

3. Finding Synonyms of Words

I write articles and other things a lot and sometimes I look for the synonyms of a word so that it contains the same meaning but looks different and fresh. On Microsoft Word, you can get a comprehensive list of related terms in a panel on the right side of the screen without whipping out a thesaurus or visiting one online with Shift + F7.

4. Hitting the Back Button in Browser

Most of us probably hit the back button in our web browsers a dozen or more times a day. There’s no need to head toward the arrow button every time you want to return to the previous page. Just hit ALT + Left Arrow instead. Hitting ALT + Right Arrow takes you forward.

5.Easy-Peasy Way to Lock Your Screen

Ever wanted to go for a quick break but need to protect your system from “intruders” without the waiting process of ensuring your system has hibernated or the fear of spoiling the system’s battery when you close it every time? You can simply hit the Windows key + L to lock your screen. Anyone who tries to get in has to know your password. If you set up Windows Hello facial recognition or fingerprint login, you can unlock your PC without having to enter a password.


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This article was first published on 30th June 2019


Aanuoluwapo Olajide is a freelance writer who believes that words are fundamental blocks and are the force of life and death. She is a tech enthusiast, fashion designer and a lover of words.

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