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  OpenAI shook the AI world today, May 13, 2024, unveiling a major upgrade to their popular ChatGPT model: GPT-4o, at their Spring Update event. This new iteration boasts not just improved performance, but a game-changing feature – a natural-sounding, real-time voice assistant.
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Gone are the days of text-based interactions. GPT-4o allows users to converse with ChatGPT using their voice, experiencing a more natural and intuitive dialogue. Imagine asking for a recipe and having it not only displayed on the screen but also narrated step-by-step by a soothing voice. The demos showcased GPT-4o’s impressive capabilities:
  • Faster, More Human Responses: Conversations flow seamlessly, with GPT-4o understanding and responding to prompts in real time.
  • Interrupting with Ease: No more waiting for the AI to finish! GPT-4o can handle natural back-and-forth conversations.
  • The Power of Many Voices: GPT-4o can tailor its voice to the situation, from reading a story dramatically to offering calm guided meditations.
  • A Multimodal Marvel: This isn’t just a voice assistant; GPT-4o can also analyze images and videos, offering a truly multimodal experience.

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This advancement positions OpenAI as a major competitor in the AI assistant race. With its human-like voice and ability to integrate speech, text, and visuals, GPT-4o promises a more natural and engaging way to interact with technology. While the free version of ChatGPT will receive the GPT-4o upgrade, paid subscribers will have access to increased capacity and features. OpenAI also announced the launch of a Mac desktop app featuring voice and vision capabilities, with a Windows version on the horizon.
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The future of AI interaction seems to be getting a voice, and OpenAI’s GPT-4o is leading the charge. With Google’s I/O conference happening tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how other tech giants respond to this innovative development.
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This article was first published on 14th May 2024 and updated on May 15th, 2024 at 12:23 pm


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