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homeoffice-writing-desk-e-by-huelsta-15     People work from home for many reasons. Some reasons include reducing the cost of renting an office, because their work can be done virtually, to increase their productivity by not wasting hours in endless traffic and sometimes to balance their time; especially for women who want to spend time with their kids. A fairly large percentage of Nigerians work virtually and have done so successfully. Since you have taken the plunge and decided to work at home, it is necessary to set up a productive home office even if it is just a cubicle for maximum productivity. Using the dining table is not an option, neither is your bed. Will you be working alone or will you be employing others? Despite the fact that it is a home office, you might have to Skype or have a Google hangout with a potential client or even host a meeting at home so the more professional looking it is the better. Buy ‘necessary’ equipment like a computer, printer, and photocopier; avoid splurging on the fancy stuff. The desk is the place where the most work gets accomplished, thus investing in a desk and a comfortable swivel chair is important. Consider options for organizing papers to prevent the chaos that results from a cluttered work station. It is important to prevent eye strain by not placing a computer screen in front of direct light. Invest in table lamps and headphones to reduce the distraction of noise from neighbours and the kids. This is your zone where all the work gets done so create a rule that when you are within the home office, all you do is work. Do not allow the kids, pets or even the spouse to come hang out in your zone. With all this in place and a great work ethic, working from home will be a breeze.

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This article was first published on 8th July 2014

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