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Being fashionable can sometimes be problematic; from chewing gum getting stuck to our best denim jeans, to the zipper on our favorite dress misbehaving, to new shoes too tight. Equipping ourselves with solutions to these problems would make our lives so much easier. With everyday hustle and bustle, simple clothing hacks would basically mean that when it comes to being chic you have one less thing to worry about. These tips would ensure that you remain on your fashion ‘A’ game, while restoring your clothes to their former glories.

Use Ice to remove chewing gum from jeans

Chewing gum always tends to end up in the wrong places. And having it stuck to your jeans can be very frustrating to say the least, especially if it’s your favorite pair. Luckily, you don’t have to throw away your best denim as there are ways to get your jeans to look as pretty as they once did with just an ice cube. Place an ice cube on the chewing gum spot and slowly rub the affected area around, or leave the ice on the gum for about 30 seconds. This will make the gum to harden and you will be able to peel it off.

Use baby wipes for removing deodorant stains from tops

The struggle is beyond real when it comes to removing deodorant marks. Deodorant can build up on clothing over time and can cleave a thick, stiff stain that can be difficult to remove. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your best t-shirt. The same wipes that soothes a baby’s skin, works like magic to remove hard-to-remove stains. Simply use the wipe and clean the affected area.

Elastic hair band wonder for tight pants

Another annoying fashion stress comes with trying to button your favorite pair of pants and they just won’t fit. If you’re newly pregnant, postpartum, feel bloated or just those times when you’re between sizes, this fashion hack could be very helpful. Get your elastic hair band that closely matches the color of your pants and loop it around your button. Use the elastic hair band and strand it as a cord through your buttonhole. Loop the elastic back over the button and secure. This will ensure that your pants are firm, while giving you the extra inches you need. For this pants hack, wear an un-tucked shirt so no one notices

White wine as red wine stain remover

You’re having a nice, evening dinner with your girls, sipping your red wine – suddenly it spills on your dress. Don’t panic, as you can remove the stain on your pretty dress with just a simple remedy. Hopefully a bottle of white wine is on the menu. Use a little to wipe the stain and it’s gone.

Lemon juice

Yellowish stains on white shirts are quite common. However, it shouldn’t give you sleepless nights. Instead of getting rid of the shirt, use lemon juice to restore it. Apply the lemon juice to the affected areas and wash. This will immediately make the marks disappear.

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This article was first published on 23rd March 2018


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