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Easter celebrations start from Good Friday and extend all the way to Easter Monday. That is a whole five days of free relaxation, travel, and reunions. It is the perfect time to plan tourist activities with friends and family. Here are three ways you can unwind this festive season:

Attend an Event

Many Christian establishments will organise either stage performances or concert in honour of the season. You could take a half-day trip around town on your way to any of these programs. If you want something less religious, you could look out for stage plays organised by theatre houses, concerts by secular artists or cultural festivals. For instance, those in Lagos have the option of viewing Queen Moremi the Musical at Terra Kulture which is running from April 18th – May 1st. Or you can attend the Gidifest with Pepsi taking place at Landmark Beach front at VI on the 20th of April. Attending events not only takes you out of the house but also gives you the opportunity to have a new experience. You get to mingle with strangers, see different fashion choices, appreciate being in a community/trybe. And with so many free days during this break, you have enough time to rest well after the event. 

Visit a Tourist Site

Is there a popular landmark or tourist site in your state? And don’t say no because every state in Nigeria has got something going, be it hills, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, national parks, resorts, museums, art gallery, etc. Have you tried going there before? This would be a good time to schedule it into your Easter break plans. Be warned though, tourist sites are crowded and fees get hiked on during public holidays. But there can be more attractions and other activities because of that which makes the place more lively and fun. If travelling out of the country is your cup of tea, then do that. East Africa, the Caribbeans and even Dubai in Asia are good places to visit during the Easter break. 

Spend Time with Family

Travelling to see your extended family during the Easter break is exciting for most people. Not only do you change locations, you get to spend time with loved ones while keeping up with old family traditions. But spending time with them isn’t about sitting in one place to eat, watch TV and sleep. You all can do something fun together. You can all go for a beach outing at Barracuda Beach or Whispering Palms if you are in Lagos, a gaming centre like Ventura in Ibadan, Oyo state or to an amusement park like Hi Impact Planet in Ogun state. If every member of your family live in different countries all over the globe and you guys are getting together for an Easter reunion, then you can plan to meet up at a resort like Le Meridien Gold Resort in Akwa Ibom state or Fifth Chukker in Kaduna state. Even if you go kayaking or go kart riding, the point is to spend time with your family creating memories and doing something fun this Easter. 

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This article was first published on 18th April 2019


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