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  The game is different for women, whether we agree to this or not. This is largely due to the peculiarities of gender and perception of the world. However, women have made tremendous progress in recent times, breaking barriers and setting world records. In business, it has also been a productive season for many women.
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To be among the women who have continuously broken new grounds, there are three skills needed to be mastered, that will set you apart. They include:
  1. Confidence

The first key that unlocks you into a realm of possibilities is confidence. Female entrepreneurs who have achieved milestones are those who are not afraid in the least to put themselves out there. They unreservedly promote their works and business every single opportunity they get. The reality is there are always going to be things that propel a lack of confidence, or areas where we have the least knowledge. But a measure of self-awareness helps the female entrepreneur recognize what can be improved upon, delegated or outsourced. The entrepreneur will learn how to maximize her area of strength so she is fully secure in it. Once there is a lack of confidence, it automatically reflects in the business. You cannot promote services and products you do not believe in. Another characteristic of a lack of confidence is never following through with your business ideas, because you cannot glimpse at the end result. To find your own success as a female entrepreneur, you need to believe your ideas are worth investing in, and this is how you get people to buy into them.
  1. Self Discipline

It is usually misconceived that the fact that you are your own boss as a female entrepreneur means you get to bend the rules to whichever way you please. This is not just a terrible area, it is a way to destroy a business.
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Self-discipline is only possible when there is an accountability plan. List out the plans that will get you smashing your goals in the nearest future, and find practical ways and systems that will ensure you are consistent with your plans. Focus on one goal at a time, and stay motivated by your WHY. Don’t stop until you achieve the goal and move on to the next. Feelings are quite fickle, so the least way to be effective in business is to move by the wave of our feelings. To achieve the results we desire, we must be ready to do work that is the least desirable, as long as it is what is needed to be done. Deadlines are also a great motivator, so in setting goals, ensure there are clear deadlines, with rewards when they are achieved.
  1. Visibility

Visibility is just the ability to be seen. The odds most times do not work in the favour of the female entrepreneur, so it is very possible that you might have to work extra hard to get noticed. Visibility is so important, because until you are known, you cannot be patronized. You must learn the appropriate ways to sell yourself and become known. Take advantage of every opportunity to leave an indelible mark where you are and go. See this as a very important part of your business, and watch how you gain the recognition you deserve. You are the only one who has the ability to prevent yourself as a female entrepreneur from achieving the kind of life and success you desire. It all begins from a change in mindset, and with consistency, you will see a change in your output. Featured Image Source: US Chamber of Commerce
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This article was first published on 4th January 2022


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