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On Sunday, November 19th, 2017, the internet was buzzing with what’s been termed the wedding of the year between singer Banky W and Actress Adesua Etomi – #BAAD2017. While we were still mesmerised, because of the amazing story behind this glamorous affair, we also waited with bated breath, for the wedding pictures to start floating in online, and as expected the Aso ebis for Adesua were so stunning, our jaws literally dropped. As if that wasn’t enough, Banky’s Groomsmen came out to slay, and when we thought we have seen it all, On-air personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu came out blazing in a unique, well-tailored Agbada stealing the show and setting the internet on another frenzy.
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Even though Ebuka’s extra crisp look in that agbada is not news anymore, for now,? what we were interested in, after seeing him, was to know the person behind that incredible attire. Of course, it didn’t take long before a name with a face came up, knowing how well we Nigerians like ‘gbegborun’ and the good things of life. The person is none other than Ugo Monye, one of Nigerian’s top fashion designers. His brand is known for its trendy African styles, and unique creativity with attires designed solely for fashion-forward individuals. Ugo Monye’s pieces have been worn by quite a number of celebrities ranging from Alex Ekubo, Jidenna, Joke Silva, Gbenro Ajibade amongst others. The now-famous agbada came from his ‘The Reale Collection’ – Reale is an Italian word that means Royal, and it goes without saying that the name captures the very core of the collection.
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Ugo Monye’s collection has been featured in various magazines and displayed on both international and local runways. The Reale Spring/Summer 2018 collection was recently showcased in the HLFDW runway which held last month. It’s a three-piece robe collection inspired by ‘Agbada’, a fusion of silk, cotton and wool fabrics, and exclusively made for the bold, ambitious and strong man who is all about tradition, yet, desires comfort and style.
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The Agbada can be a bit difficult to pull off due to its bulky nature, but ‘The Reale Collection’ presents the open robe concept which is simple and still stylish. The piece is definitely one to save men the stress that comes with adjusting and layering agbada, making it more minimalist, trendy and fresh.
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Agbadas’ has been in existence since forever, but Ugo Monye decided to put a twist on it, creating something diverse that suite the stylish, modern man. Since the ‘Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Agbada’ saga, Ugo Monye’s social accounts have increased by over 200 percent. His consistency, concept and attention to detail are much-admired, and hopefully going forward, his brand is here to stay.   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 29th November 2017


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