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 adverts   One of the things that will run through your mind when you hear the word advertising is sales; however advertising goes beyond sales. As defined by Microsoft Encarta: “Advertising is a form of commercial mass communication designed to promote the sale of a product, service, or a message on behalf of an organization, institution, or electoral candidate.” Advertising deals with inquires from clientele and the public, and helps adjust complaints concerning billing or services rendered. One question still remains: how would the socio-economic world be without advertising? Truth be told, modern day society would be backwards without the help of advertising. There wouldn’t be any form of publicity to elevate that desire for immeasurable consumption. Advertising helps reinforce these make believe theories that our lives will be enhanced, more satisfying and elevated once we make the next essential purchase. One of the purposes of advertising is to make us slightly disgruntled with our lives instead of with the society in which we dwell in. Advertising blows the flames of envy in us by using images of others whose lives have been elevated by the products or services they have rendered. It leaves us with a level of dissatisfaction so that we purchase the advertised product to fill that void. With the help of advertising you don’t need to brainstorm before you know what you want. It provides you with forms of words and pictures which tell you how your life is supposed to be with their products or services, ranging from fashion, food, automobile, real –estate, social media , and  tourism etc. In the world of advertising every aspect of life is being taken care of. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look you are crowded with messages that are powered by advertising. A lot of people drag their feet when it comes to advertising not because of the costs incurred, but because they don’t understand the long-term effects it has. Advertising is the main tool for marketing because of the idea that anything can thrive if properly planned and disseminated. It’s all about timing. Creative advertising creates an emotional response in potential customers, through the help of words and images. Good advertisements can trigger chemicals in the brain which are triggered by emotional responses which will help potential and old clients to remember your brand. We are hardly aware of the subconscious power of advertising. In the real sense it keeps the entire socio-economic movement on the fast lane. Society hardly knows that it’s the power of advertising that’s been branded on their minds, making them work around the clock to pay for a product or service they have seen in commercials. Every successful company is built on an established advertising system; it’s all about brand awareness.  Out of all marketing tools, advertising is one of which you have total control over. Advertising allows or creates an ideal target market, by-passing a well tailored message for selected audiences. This singular act creates a massive connection with customers. The power of advertising can create a high sense of awareness for any product or service due to its level of specificity. Advertising is like standing on the shoulders of a giant, it magnifies all that you are into as a brand or organization. Every company’s goal is to stay relevant and at the forefront of every customer’s choices. The goal of advertising is to increase brand awareness and make a measurable connection with prospects. One of the beauties of advertising is that it gives you the power to choose. It’s always one of two things; if you are not there, someone else is taking your space. Whether we as humans like it or not, advertising plays a huge role in our existence and it’s here to stay.

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This article was first published on 15th June 2014

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