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My father told me stories about how shorts were made for him during Christmas periods. He said he always looked forward to it. When I was a kid, during my nursery and primary days, shorts were what we wore. As I grew, it felt as if shorts were only meant for small children who couldn’t take care of trousers. But now, I see shorts differently. Shorts are beautiful. They are the spices of style. You can rock yours in different styles. Tuck your shirt into your short, and you’ll look simple and classy, like a man from the moon. Especially when they are not too loose, and when you have a well-built body.The New Type of When you wear a long-hand shirt on one, it is better to fold the hands of the shirt to your elbow, or few inches from your elbow. Bermuda britches go well with blazers or summer suits. The main colours of Bermuda shorts are grey, khaki and black. Due to the high taste of people in fashion these days, the comfort shorts have been smiled at. While, absorbing the new different ways – printed shorts, denim (seems to be the most trending of all), and floral pants. Nice shorts in your wardrobe give it beach love, summer style, and street simple… The New Type of Floral short pants are best worn with plain shirts or plain polo. A floral short worn with a different floral shirt could make you look too gaudy. Attention shifts from how fitted your short is to how flawless your skin is. From the beauty of the designs, to how uncoordinated, how unfashionable, how choiceless you are. Try to wear floral pants, a plain shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and sandals, and the beach with all of its contents would be screaming your name. Some say that sandals are just the best fit for cropped pants worn to a beach. I disagree. It depends on the type of sandals you wear with the briefs. Wear a graceful gladiator sandal with your floral knickers, and you will realise how confidence exhumes from what you wear. You can wear your moccasins (absolutely breathtaking), your casual penny loafers, your boat shoes, and your canvas sneakers (white sneakers are another type of haven). Putting on socks takes the art away, but you can wear ankle socks (the low cut socks that aren’t visible when in a shoe) for sweat wicking and blisters prevention. Shorts can be worn to the beach, to school, to parties, to get together, at home. Shorts are very classy when worn with the right outfits, right colours, right seasons (summer gives us the air), and when worn in the right pair of legs.

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This article was first published on 2nd August 2017


Izuchukwu Onyedibiemma Udokwu is a storyteller and a fashion designer. He has a clothing line, Zuch, which is coming alive soon. His works have appeared on Kalahari Review and on his personal blog.

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