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Back in October 2023, MTN Nigeria announced that it was introducing an innovative product specifically targeted at businesses in the country: a Google Ads automation solution, which would make it easier for SMEs and startups to target new markets online. The product is the result of a partnership between MTN Nigeria and Adbot, an ad-tech company.
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Speaking at the time of the solution’s unveiling, representatives of both organizations said that it would be available to all SMEs on the MTN Network. They explained that the Thryve Google Ads Bundle would enable small businesses to access Google Ads services, receive a fair amount of data, and substantially increase ad views and conversions for their websites on Google.

How the MTN Thryve Google Ads Service Works

This solution is powered by Adbot’s online advertisement automation technology. Businesses looking to expand their online visibility can provide inputs such as their ad’s target location, keywords, and ad copy. Doing these is fairly straightforward. Then Adbot’s system maximizes these inputs, runs the ad campaign, and continuously optimizes the ad by leveraging Machine Learning. The promise is that this solution simplifies ad campaign setup, increases ad reach and click-through rates, and ultimately drives down customer acquisition costs.
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The Benefits of MTN Thryve Ads

These are the key benefits of signing up with MTN Thryve Ads:
  • Allows businesses to easily create engaging ad campaigns
  • Drive targeted traffic that gives SMEs higher-than-usual conversion numbers
  • Choose one of several plans, in line with budget constraints
  • Get data-driven insights from campaigns that help businesses fine-tune their strategy
  • Build a strong online presence and lasting relationships with customers

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Available Plans

There are four MTN Thryve Google Ads bundles:
  • Bumper: For 500 ad views, 10 clicks, 10GB of data, and 4GB of YouTube
  • Standard:2,000 views and 90 clicks
  • Mega: 25GB data, 4GB YouTube, 1,500 ad views, and 55 clicks
  • Premium:5,500 views and 180 clicks
For a complete description of these service offerings and what they cost, visit the MTN Thryve Google Ads service page.

Final Words

The MTN Thryve Google Ads solution does look like a useful package for SMEs in Nigeria. With it, they have options; they could go for a package that delivers on pricing and helps them connect with new markets.
  • If you would like to find out more about MTN Thryve Google Ads, call *460*3*3*2# on an MTN line to get started.
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This article was first published on 6th December 2023


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