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In the midst of these unsettling times, a jewel of a book has emerged like a Phoenix out of the Ashes. Uju Obuekwe, a Barrister and Solicitor turned Professional Branding Expert has created a Masterpiece.

Uju’s foray into the world of Branding is no ordinary one and culls from a deep rooted interest and determination to perfect the art. She has won multiple National and International Awards in the course of her career in this area; A career which she embarked upon from scratch with belief alone.

Co-Founder of Platform Branding Company, an award winning branding and advertising agency, She is sought after in many corporate circle and has honoured numerous invitations to present on her work at Global Seminars where she schools on its methodology and also rubs shoulders with renowned peers in the field.

To date, she still provides this support on Virtual platforms. Her know-how is tried and tested and today, we have nuggets of her knowledge and experience encapsulated in The Book, THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO PERSONAL BRANDING.

We have skimmed the contents and the copy of the bonus material which accompanies its purchase (also written by Uju) – Personal Branding Toolkit.

What are we?
Who are we?
What do we represent… stand for?
How do we communicate our message, our essence, our Brand effectively and efficiently …and in what shape or form suits best?

All of the above and more are a means to benefit from, build and monetize in an extraordinary way of our own personal resource.

Uju has written it.

According to her, if you have been giving away your skills for free, friends and family always call and ask you for ‘help’ but you still don’t feel you can charge for it, your bank balance doesn’t reflect your level of talent and skill, you have God given talents but you are still waiting for permission to start monetizing your skills, don’t worry you are not alone.

That was me a few years ago until I started deliberately building my brand and by positioning myself as an authority and differentiating myself from competition.

This has led to my creating more impact, advancing my career, and increasing my circle of influence.

If you are ready to get clear about your brand, position yourself as an expert, and monetize your skills, I have written a book that will help you do so.

It is with immense pleasure that this becomes general knowledge, today.

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This article was first published on 30th May 2020

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