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  img-7901.jpg@crop,640,360,c The 2014 Lagos Black Heritage Festival will focus on music, organizers have announced with hope that the event will push aspiring musicians to take to other unexploited musical forms as an option to the current trend seen in the music industry. According to the Lagos state Commissioner of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Disun Holloway, the change from geographic outlook to discipline will not take away anything from the festival which is known for its ‘The Black in the Mediterranean Blue’ series. “There is a domination of Euro-american pop forms, which almost completely stifles the exploration of indigenous musical resources both in direct performance for audiences, and in their application to other disciplines- notably in theater and cinema/video”, the commissioner, Mr. Holloway said. “Traditional drama was founded on what was generally dubbed ‘folk opera’, a form that is largely dying out. Additionally therefore, in an attempt to resuscitate his unique performance genre, so highly developed in other societies- see for instance, the heights to which it has been taken in counties like China- LBHF yields front stage this year to music, its fortunes under technological enhancements and the proliferation of foreign music. Music we know, plays a dominant role in social life” Mr. Holloway added. The festival which will hold at the Freedom Park, Lagos, will feature premiere of Olodumare- a play, and performance by Footprints of David, among others.

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This article was first published on 4th April 2014

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