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  Music has been said to be a transport into many things, and “The Great Commission” by Minister Dunsin Oyekan is a bullet train. Dunsin has always blessed not just our spirit, but also our ears with God-sent sounds that push you into places. The album, which was released on April 21st of 2024, is a blend of what has become known as afro gospel, worship and just old-fashioned gospel songs. The album is giving all that it is meant to give, and more!
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Made up of 14 tracks, the album has some interesting features from other artists. “Future” is one of the tracks on the album. The song talks about the glory of God and how the nations of the earth will sing of it. The most beautiful part of the song for me is the chorus which is sung in different languages. It is like a well-curated symphony. You don’t understand the language but you still dance and say “Amen” to it. For the first time, I heard a song in Hindu that isn’t a movie. And it sounds wonderful. Another track that is a hit is “Upper Room Anthem”. You know it is about to be lit if Minster Dunsin starts saying “Asher!” The beat of the music was a fusion of afro and one that will have you put on your dancing shoes and sway to the beat. Excuse-me dance also had the same effect. You’ll find yourself dancing and clapping before you realize you’re in public. If you listen to gospel music, you’ll know that the music of an individual you want to listen to if you’re feeling the need to pray is Theophilus Sunday. Now a duo of him and Dunsin will be a hit. And that is exactly what you’ll experience if you listen to “Emperor of the Universe” which features Theophilus. The song is a blend of high praise and worship. And whilst we are used to chants, the singer introduces rapping in tongues. Listening to this track will have you praying, dancing and clapping, all at the same time.
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Like all albums, there are always songs you can’t just vibe to, not because they are bad, but just because they aren’t your style or for some other reason. One such for me is “Glory Song.” Whilst the lyrics are beautiful, it is a sombre song and incredibly long. It is one of those songs you listen to and get tired along the way, to continue next time. My favourite song, and I believe it’s many people’s favourite, is the first track on the album, “Worthy of My Praise.” The song evokes a deep sense of gratitude and love for God and everything He has done. The best part of the song is when Lawrence Oyor, who is featured, begins to chant a sound that he is well associated with. There is just something about the rich baritone of his voice that sends you into this dance and will have you smiling. Another special one for me is “City of God,” which emphasises that as believers, we embody the presence of God, and we are literal Edens of God. It’s an amazing song!
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Final Thoughts

In all, the album is a hit, and like every album released, it has its great specs and shortcomings. Overall, I will rate it a solid 9/10. It has good sound and indeed a great combination of praise, afro gospel and worship. Have you listened to it? What do you think? And which is your favourite? Let us know. And if you haven’t streamed the album, this weekend will be an awesome time too!
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This article was first published on 11th May 2024


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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