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  There are many Nigerians that embody both the entrepreneurial spirit and the image of New Nigeria by the connection they bring between Africa and the European continent (as well as others). It has been evident over the years that entrepreneurship is a viable tool to fast-track the development of Africa and consolidates on the gains of a new age. A bold embodiment of such a truism is manifest in a man like Taofik Adegbite, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Marine Platforms Limited.
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First Of A Kind

Taofik Adegbite is a Nigerian entrepreneur and business leader. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Marine Platforms Limited and Norwegian Consul General in Nigeria. Adegbite is the first Nigerian to deliver an Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria which is named African Inspiration by the Norwegian government through the first-ever shipbuilding contract between a Nigerian company and a Norwegian shipyard. This feat is what has made Adegbite rise to global acclaim. The fact that his Marine Platforms delivered and became the proud owner of the African vision and African inspiration- the two subsea function-specific and Remotely Operated Vessels (ROV) costing $100 million and the first of its kind to be owned by a Nigerian company which also culminated in the first shipbuilding contract between a Nigerian company and a Norwegian Shipyard was nothing less than a colossal feat.

Education And Career

Adegbite holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in computer science from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State. He later attended the London School of Economics for a certificate course in Strategy & Organization Management; as well as Harvard Business School OPM 44 (in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United States of America). Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Adegbite started his career with Agricultural Project Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (World Bank Project).
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He later proceeded to the United Kingdom where he worked with Britain’s National Health Service (Hammersmith Hospital) as an Information Technology Engineer or put in more specific terms, a Cisco-certified engineer. After a career in the United Kingdom, Adegbite joined Marine Platforms in 2001 and assumed the role of Director of Strategy and Business Development. He has since progressed to become the CEO.


Toafik Adegbite’s strides have earned him notable recognition even within the countries of his involvement and businesses. Due to his outstanding contribution in his line of trade, He was appointed as the Honorary Consul General for Norway, to promote business partnership between Nigeria and Norway, as well as bring the advantages of Norway into Nigeria in key areas such as energy, aquaculture and maritime. Talk about being a worthy ambassador of Nigeria both at home and beyond the shores of his continent. Taofik Adegbite not only represents the entrepreneurial spirit but also embodies the hope for many young Nigerians that they can tread, where many lions have not dared and succeed. Sources: Wikipedia This Day Live Featured Image Source: Diplomatic Watch
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This article was first published on 13th October 2021


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