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Fashion has changed tremendously over the years. Anyone who loves fashion would know that it means pushing boundaries and being creative. When it comes to keeping up with fashion, social media is the best place to look out for everything fresh-out-of-the-box. It has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. Classic black pumps are forever our handy go-to, even though we have several bright statement-making heels. We often love to play safe especially with colors. Pairing colored heels to your outfit requires a bit more effort and thought than simply throwing on black shoes. Incorporating colors to everyday outfit ultimately gives you the freedom to express your style, and one way to achieve this is with colored heels. They revamp your wardrobe, giving your outfits a different edgy-look every time you step out. Want to be a trendsetter this week? Here’s a street style guide on how to, plus a few ideas on how to take those chic green, purple, yellow, red, white shoes you’ve had laying around your wardrobe helplessly on a trip around town.

White shoes

You can never go wrong with this color as it practically goes with any shade.

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Pink shoes

Perfect with blue, nude, black, or green shades.

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Lemon shoes

Goes with any shade of black, white, blue, beige and green.

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Orange shoes

Go best with earth tones, white, blue, yellow and red

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Purple shoes

Best with white, neutrals, pink, navy and green

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Red shoes

Best color that goes with this shade is pink, black and white, neutrals, navy blue and orange.

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Silver shoes

Go best with neutrals, red, blue, white, purple, indigo and black

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Blue shoes

Best with any shade of yellow, brown, green, white, and neutrals.

Yellow shoes

Go best with any shade of blue, black, white and green.

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Green shoes

Rock your green with any shade of blue, black, neutrals, brown and yellow.

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This article was first published on 19th March 2018


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