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It’s been proven time and again that videos are usually more engaging and court more attention that texts. According to a research report, 71% of marketers claim video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Therefore, it will suffice to say that video marketing is a safe bet when it comes to promoting your content.  Although to enjoy the benefits of using video, you must get it right. Follow these 4 steps below if you want to use video to build your brand effectively: Select The Right Topics: In order to reach your target audience effectively, you must post content that is of benefit to them. This means that you should be deliberate about the kind of content you curate for your audience and you can only do this by knowing what exactly your audience is searching for. Google Keyword Planner ( is very handy when it comes to discovering the search volume behind topics in your industry. Another way you can figure this out is by simply asking your audience for their suggestions on what they would like you to post. This will keep you informed on the video content you should be creating. Remember, your contents should be niched down so as to attract targeted views to your videos. Share It Across Several Social Media Platforms: For your videos to attract great views, you should share it on several social media platforms. This will give you the extra exposure you need for brand awareness. For instance, you can do this by posting teasers of your Youtube videos on your Facebook and Instagram accounts with links to the actual videos. Once you do this, the odds are high that at least half of the people who viewed the teaser both on Facebook and Instagram will click on the link to the Youtube video. If you’re consistent in sharing your videos across several platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Insta Stories and others, this will, in the long run, attract more views to your videos; the more views your videos get, the higher they will rank on Youtube thus making them easily accessible. Let Your Branding Be Consistent: If you don’t have a unique brand for your videos, you should try to adopt one, because that is what will make your audience spot your videos easily no matter what platforms they are on. Hence, the colours, fonts, and designs you use for your videos should stay consistent across all platforms because this will ensure that you stand out from other brands and give you a persona of your own. Convert: Converting, in this context, means that you’re taking the relationship between you and your audience even further, so that they don’t just forget about you after watching your videos. The first thing you can do is to leave links under your videos to any of the platforms (websites, email lists, or any physical location, social media platforms) where you know you can actually convert your audience into potential customers or followers. Also, the more engagement (likes, comments, subscriptions) your videos get, the better they will do and the higher they will rank across all social media platform but particularly on YouTube. Therefore, you should always ask for likes, comments, and shares at the end of your videos. A business  can succeed without employing video marketing, but if you desire to increase your reach and relevance, videos can be really beneficial.   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 10th August 2018


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