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Social Media is unarguably one of the best lead generation tools available today, yet, the conversion rates of many businesses utilising it are far from impressive. You may be investing a great deal of time and effort on social media in order to generate leads but if you are missing the important details, your efforts may end up not yielding the desired results.

Here are four ways in which you can boost your conversion rates

Be Known For Your Unique Selling Point

Many industries today are highly crowded, leaving many options for prospective customers to choose from. This means that only strong brands come out successful while weak ones end up fading away. One way you can be at an advantage in your industry is to adopt a distinct quality that sets you apart from your competitors and gives you an edge over them. Your brand would resonate more with prospects if it is sells something unique that can always be associated with it. All things being equal, your brand will do exceptionally well if it goes all out in advertising something new and different which other brands in the same industry apparently do not have.

Fill Your Audience In On What They Would Be Benefitting From Your Business If They Patronise It

People are more comfortable with purchasing items that they have substantial information about. For instance, in an e-commerce setting, people check product reviews, a seller’s description of an item, the proportions of the actual item and more details before clicking the “checkout” link to purchase the item. Virtually anyone who has ever purchased an item must have thought about how it would add value to their lives before paying for it. This is why as a business owner hoping to have high conversion rates, you should be enlightening your audience on how they will be benefitting from your business if they decide to patronise it.

Think of all the possible ways in which your business can solve problems for your prospects and put it in clear terms. Once you’ve gained insight into how your audience would benefit from your brand, you can begin communicating it to them through online posts and conversations. You should always endeavour to make your posts straightforward with a clear call to action. Don’t leave your prospects guessing about your brand or they may make the wrong assumptions.

Aim To Educate Through Your Content

Content is king but it can easily lose its influence if not applied adequately. As much as people are in search of entertaining content, they also want to be educated. Would you rather your audience see your brand as a promotional one or an educative one? If it’s the latter then you should start providing answers to the things that bug your audience the most or the things that they are ignorant about. Start conversations with them about these things and assure them of your ability to proffer solutions to them. Check for those questions that keep popping up on your posts and endeavour to answer them. Remember, when a brand begins to appear as just a promotional one, conversion rates tend to stagnate and even drop.

Put Your Creativity To Work

Entertainment and information complement each other. The last thing anyone wants to do is see content from a boring page on their social media feed. You should aim to not only provide solutions to problems but also share appealing and entertaining content that resonates with your audience. Keep up with trending topics, funny memes, and videos and post the ones that have a message relating to your brand. Endeavour to share entertaining content that relates to the message your brand is passing across. You can also expand your creativity by exploring other people’s content, sharing what you have learned or sharing the actual content.

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This article was first published on 18th February 2019


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