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When it comes to online marketing, social media is typically the platform where you generate leads while email is the medium that enables you to sell to those leads. Seeing this, it’s not rocket science to infer that email marketing plays a crucial role in the sales of your product. In fact, email can be dubbed the ”salesman” of digital marketing. This then means that as an email marketer who wants to succeed, you must “pitch” the deal to your prospects and “close” it effectively.  This won’t be possible if you are making these 4 common mistakes that many email marketers make. These mistakes are; Buying Links: People resort to buying links because it is the easiest way to build an email list. But is it the smartest? No, because leads generated from bought links are essentially cold leads. This means that these leads had no interest in your brand before you purchased them and they never gave you permission to contact them in the first place. Hence, they may likely ignore your messages and even report them as spam. Inconsistency: When you have an email list, it is safe to assume that your contacts are voluntarily subscribers and interested in what you have to offer. In order to nurture that interest, you should be offering them consistent and valuable content. If you fail to do this, however, they may likely lose interest in your messages and think you are unserious. The best way to avoid this especially when you may not be able to meet up with sending messages regularly is to engage your contacts with a call-to-action. When you give them a call-to-action, they know they also have a part to play in the marketing process and this will make them concerned when they don’t get emails from you especially if they have not completed their own side of the bargain. Not Linking Properly: When you write emails to subscribers, the next place you should be linking them to is your website or a landing page as the case may be. Your email should include at least one link that continues the message within the body of your email. You can do this by building a landing page for your email marketing campaigns that make it easy for readers to buy from you. Spamming: Spamming may involve sending too many messages to your subscribers or selling things that have not been requested for. Good email practices involve you respecting your audience and not abusing the license given to you to access their inbox. It is important to always provide relevant content or you may lose subscribers.   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 3rd August 2018


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