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Adebola Eyinade is one of the co-founders of RovingHeights Nigeria Limited. She is a chartered accountant with over four years’ experience working with one of the Big Four accounting firms, and recently completed her Master’s degree in Business Management from Oxford Brookes University. She talks to Joy Ehonwa about filling a gap in the marketplace, improving the reading culture in Nigeria and helping authors get their books to their audience.   CN: Why did you choose this line of business? Why books? We chose books because we realised a gap in the marketplace. We noticed that most people order for books outside the country. We also noticed that authors in Nigeria were looking for a platform to distribute their books and get it to their audience. We decided to create a platform that would meet the needs of both authors and readers.
Adebola Eyinade
CN: What is the full range of services RovingHeights offers? Our goal is to improve the reading culture in Nigeria. We offer different genres of books as well as services such as book reading, book launch, book conversations and book promotions. CN: What challenges did you face in starting up RovingHeights? Some of the challenges we faced include funding and getting the right people in the business to work with us.  CN: Competition is stiff in your chosen industry. How do you distinguish yourself? We focus on our competitive advantage and our niche in the marketplace. We do things differently from our competitors and also listen to our customers. We ensure our customer service delivery is exceptional. CN: If you could start all over, what would you do differently? What we would do differently is to structure our business from the start go. Our internal processes will be well detailed. CN: What top entrepreneur would you love to meet, and why? I would love to meet Tara Fela-Durotoye. Her business has stood the test of time and her stores located in various parts of the country. Starting a business in Nigeria is not easy, but she has been able to succeed and grow despite the challenging environment. CN: What advice do you wish someone had given you as an undergraduate? Real learning takes place outside the classroom. Volunteer to work in a place you admire for free and network with many more people. Books CN: What do you consider to be the best career decision you have ever made? One of my best career decisions is going for my second degree. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and helped me discover myself. CN: If there were any other line of business that you would choose, what would it be? I would offer accounting services to small business. CN: Which books have really made a difference in the way you live? Out of the so many books I’ve read, my favourite for now is Shoe Dog. Maybe because I’m an entrepreneur, but I find the book very relatable and inspiring. Contact RovingHeights: Phone: 09092158968 Email: Twitter Instagram Facebook Website

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This article was first published on 21st November 2018 and updated on December 6th, 2018 at 1:21 pm


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