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  Ritman Laundry is a laundry and dry cleaning service provider based in the FCT. It meets the laundry and dry cleaning needs of its customers from across Nigeria’s capital. The company does this by operating out of three locations: Ritman Hotel situated in the Garki area, and two other outlets in the city.
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As one of the larger laundry companies in Abuja, Ritman serves its customers in ways that make their experience of its offerings more pleasant than what obtains with typical businesses in its niche. It provides discounts on bulk orders, multiple payment options (including cash, POS, and web payment), and notifications that inform customers when their orders are ready. Ritman Laundry was founded in 2012. It began by serving a small number of clients, but grew steadily over time, thanks to its ability to inspire trust in the quality of service it delivered. Satisfied clients referred their contacts to it, and other potential customers were attracted to it by its expanding presence and brand prominence. Eventually, the company was able to set up outlets in other parts of Abuja and upgrade its offerings to meet contemporary demands. The garments that Ritman Laundry cleans include everyday clothing and formal wear. Customers whose laundry is taken on by the company can pick them up at its outlets, or have them delivered to their address within 48 to 72 hours. This is possible thanks to Ritman’s vans which pick up and drop off clothing across Abuja.
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Persons who want to use Ritman Laundry’s services for more than a single occasion can set up an account with it. They can place orders by logging into that account wherever they are—their home, office, or hotel. They may also put a call through to Ritman’s representatives to get their clothes collected and shipped off to one of its locations, where they’ll be cleaned. Ritman Laundry also washes children’s clothes. Their team says that they recognize the peculiarities of handling these clothes, as children’s skins may be delicate. As a result, they utilize Non-Bio Persil when cleaning garments that belong in this category, so that they don’t have a harsh effect on the wearer’s skin. Besides washing regular types of clothes, Ritman also takes on cleaning wedding gowns. They do this by deploying a special technique that takes the intricate form that these gowns take.
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In addition to removing dirt from clothes, Ritman cleans curtains of various types, fabrics, and weights. They refresh their texture and colour, prevent shrinkage, and prolong the life of the curtains. The company also cleans beddings, duvets, mattresses, tablecloths, and towels, and ensures that these items retain their brightness and feel. Ritman Laundry is just one of numerous laundry and dry cleaning outfits in Nigeria. But it has expanded its presence and range of offerings within the past decade and is now becoming a significant player in its space. It may carry on building its brand and reach in the coming years, as more potential customers access its services. Featured Image Source: Ritman Laundry
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This article was first published on 19th December 2022


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