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  Intense is a digital marketing agency based in Lagos. It works with its client businesses to increase their visibility and sales, and designs (or refines) their brand image so that it’s attractive to their target audience.
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The company is one of many in its category. The demand for digital marketing services has grown over the past decade, as SMEs and large firms have adapted their marketing strategies and branding to a digital-first world. Intense has helped numerous businesses make the transition quickly enough to remain relevant in their industries and niches. Founded in 2015 by Leye Makanjuola, Intense has expanded its operations and services from a one-man team offering core digital agency products to a sizeable team working across multiple project types. It is now one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Lagos, and Nigeria in general. The company provides services ranging from brand and web design to video production and 2D and 3D animation. Some of its specialities are digital marketing strategy, mobile and web application development, advertising and public relations, among others. Intense’s design-oriented service involves crafting brand identities for its client businesses. This process includes fashioning or refreshing logos, identifying appropriate brand communication tones, and building other visual elements of a brand identity. Designs for physical materials can be provided; new web designs may be created, and old ones overhauled. They’re made to suit both mobile and desktop display, a characteristic that’s essential in a world that increasingly accesses the web on smartphones.
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Businesses that want to execute advertising campaigns can get help with this from Intense. They create and deliver advertising content that incorporates culture and storytelling, and is relevant to the target audience their clients want to reach. Their public relations service enables businesses to build a positive image via traditional and digital media. A growing number of companies are undertaking a digital transformation journey, and are aiming to be less rigid and more innovative. Such companies can seek the expertise provided by Intense to integrate digital technology into all aspects of their operations. And if they want to reach a broader market than they’re currently managing to, they may consult with Intense to have a client-specific digital marketing plan drawn up for them. Other services available from Intense are mobile applications development, the creation of chatbots, video production, and cloud-based marketing automation. Intense offers training programs as well. The courses available are Digital Marketing, Digital for Business, and Social Media for Business (a workshop). They are targeted at small business owners, digital marketing executives, and people looking to launch a career in digital marketing. To date, Intense has served a wide range of clients. These include companies in the automotive, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and furniture production industries, as well as government officials. The market for enterprise-focused digital solutions is growing, so there’s a lot of turf for Intense to expand into. They could achieve more growth in the coming years, as even more businesses look into technologies that could help them connect with customers. Featured Image Source: Intense NG
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This article was first published on 8th October 2021


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