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  Heavens Contractors is a construction company that designs and builds real estate, roads, drainage, power infrastructure, subsurface materials transportation systems, and other physical structures. It is located in Lagos and serves clients in multiple industries from across Nigeria.
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Founded in 2010 and registered five years later, Heavens Contractors has grown its reach and clientele fairly rapidly. In just over a decade, it has completed more than 80 projects with a total worth exceeding ₦8 billion. Despite operating in a competitive industry and a challenging business environment, it has managed to develop strategies that enable it to succeed and thrive. Osaz Enobakhare set up Heavens Contractors while studying Civil and Building Engineering at the University of Lagos. His formal training and experience in the field have allowed him to lead the company through steady growth. This, as well as the business’s team of professionals, has been a major factor contributing to the company’s progress. Heavens Contractors constructs residential, commercial and industrial buildings for private, corporate and public sector clients. It builds infrastructure for estates, fashions swimming pools and underground units, carries out underpinning operations, and repairs foundations. It also supervises these projects to ensure that they go according to plans that it has agreed to with clients.
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Site assessment, documentation, and other related services are available from Heavens Contractors as well. The company’s representatives investigate proposed building sites, take on layout and digital cartography assignments, and test soils at sites. In addition to this, it carries out mass and controlled demolition of defective structures, clears, grades, and opens up larger units of land. Persons and organizations that want to design houses, office blocks, malls, and industrial facilities can hire Heavens Contractors to do that from them. Heavens provides architectural designs in at least one of several forms and dimensions—2D, 3D, Virtual Reality (VR), and modelling. It designs mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC setups too. Heavens Contractors works on several types of civil engineering projects, ranging from road and drainage work to the construction of jetties, dams, bridges, and canals.  It also marks roads, puts up signage, and supplies street furniture. Pile load tests, pile integrity tests, and structural integrity tests are some of the evaluations of structures that the company’s engineers conduct.
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Clients can request and receive the cost of projects from Heavens Contractors before deciding to get on with it. Heavens assesses, documents, and monitors these projects, and obtains approvals and permits for them. As the demand for housing, commercial spaces and public infrastructure grows, companies like Heavens Contractors will see requests for their services increase. It runs with a vision to become one of the top 30 construction firms in Africa by the year 2030. It’s a bold dream, but one that won’t be out of the company’s reach if it speeds up its already impressive pace of expansion. Featured Image Source: Heavens Contractors
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This article was first published on 12th January 2023


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