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Data-Lead Africa is an Abuja-based consulting firm that provides data analytics and strategic consulting services to organizations in various industries. They offer support in data science, research methods, statistics, and data evaluation. By leveraging an assortment of tech tools, they can collect and process data for their clients and share the resulting informative reports.

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Until recently, Nigeria has not had a vibrant research and data analysis niche. Much of what was available in this sphere was situated behind the walls of institutions of higher learning. But as more businesses have realized the importance of data-driven decision-making, they have sought the help of firms specializing in data analysis. This emerging need has birthed companies like Data-Lead Africa.

Founded in 2017, Data-Lead Africa has quickly gained a strong footing in the fast-developing commercial research industry. It has expanded its clientele to include some of Nigeria’s leading corporations—in the banking, oil and gas, and tech industries – and international NGOs. It has also partnered with multinational agencies in its capacity-building programs.

Through its data analysis service, Data-Lead works with businesses to collect data relevant to their needs, process those data, and produce important, actionable insights from them. Businesses that engage Data-Lead for this assignment do not have to devote extra funds to securing and using an analytics solution, as Data-Lead takes care of the entire process when it’s outsourced.

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This firm’s business analytics service also covers risk, fraud, and portfolio analysis. It works with big data to decipher trends and tendencies that may reveal facts relevant to business operations. It also provides companies with information that could aid their market optimization drives. Businesses that want to improve their capacity to utilize data for success can get their staff trained by Data-Lead in such areas as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Excel for Development Professionals, and Program Planning and Evaluation.

Data-Lead conducts market research on behalf of businesses as well. Enterprises trying to understand the market for their products or services can rely on its expertise in this sphere. Using data processing tools, it gathers and analyzes data concerning relevant markets and generates reports from its research that could inform the decision of its client businesses concerning their strategies and operations.

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A big part of Data-Lead’s offerings is bioinformatics. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, it analyzes biological samples and yields research results that its clients consider useful. Its specialities are DNA Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, transcriptomics, and epigenetics. These services are made possible by Data-Lead’s sequencing and microarray platforms, which have few peers in Nigeria.

Besides these services, Data-Lead runs training for professionals who want to acquire or improve their data analysis skills. Its courses are in Qualitative Data Analysis, Quantitative Data Analysis, Data Science, and Specialized Private Data Analysis.

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This article was first published on 23rd October 2022


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