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Caham is a travel and tour company based in Abuja. It helps its clients to plan their travels, secure the documents they’ll need to move, and tourist destinations across the world. Its services range from flight bookings and visa assistance to business trips, cruises and vacation packages.

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This business operates in what is a growing industry. As more Nigerians seek to explore greater swathes of the world (including spots within the country), new travel agencies are emerging to enable them to achieve this. Caham has come on the scene to serve a diverse collection of clients, all united by the need to visit locations across the globe.

ChinonsoAkudinobi founded Caham Travels and Tours in 2018. He currently serves as its CEO. Although the company has arrived on the travel scene relatively recently, it has carved out a niche for itself within the space. It’s catering to a growing client base and operates with a confidence that’s typical of established brands in the industry.

Caham is able to fulfil its clients’ desires by working with tour operators elsewhere in Africa, as well as in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Australia, and North and South America. Its collaboration with these partners ensures that it’s able to take care of travellers’ needs even when they have arrived at their travel destination.

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As a full-service travel agency, Caham helps its clients process their visas. It provides profiling services, works with clients to complete their visa application forms, vet documents, and gets appointment dates. It also conducts pre-interview sessions, which prepare participants for the visa screening process.

Persons who want to study overseas can get assistance from Caham. The company engages prospective students and helps them to select the ideal university and course for them from a list of more than 50 English-speaking international institutions. Student enrollment advisors also work with students to reserve a place for upcoming intakes.

Caham has corporate business travel packages too. It matches each travelling executive with an account manager, who will take care of their needs. These managers plan and execute travel plans, and provide support to clients all through their trips. VIPs can enjoy transportation via limousine to and from airports, and have assistants monitor their itineraries.

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There are services tailored for destination weddings and leisure travellers as well. The former covers everything from securing airline tickets and booking hotels, to selecting and preparing places at well-known resorts for weddings. Caham’s luxury vacations range from visits to exotic locations to cruises on the Mediterranean, Arab Gulf, and the Caribbean.

Travel experiences won’t always go without mishaps. Unfortunate incidents may cost travellers anything from their luggage to their physical wellbeing. Caham offers its clients protection against these losses with its travel insurance packages.

The team at Caham Travels and Tours say that they want the company to become “the world’s most trusted and innovative travel agency”. This is a huge target to aim for. But they appear determined to reach it, even if the goal requires world-moving effort to achieve.

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This article was first published on 30th May 2022


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