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If you’re a business owner or the boss of payroll matters at the company you work for, you’ll know that employees are almost always on edge about delays and errors in salary payments. And when the unfortunate event of incorrect deductions from staff wages or un-accorded benefits happens, the productivity of employees affected tends to take a hit. There’s a way out of these sorts of problems, especially if they’re caused by human mistakes. Human Resource departments in businesses the world over have ditched the principal cause of these failings- pen and paper systems, and even the more ‘sophisticated’ Excel spreadsheets. They’ve turned to HR and payroll software, because this technology makes payroll management and related tasks a lot easier. If you haven’t explored the joys of automated employee information and payments management systems, you should try them out. In any case, the era of Excel, calculator and handwritten payroll computations is racing to its end. You’ll have to embrace today’s tech-driven HR and staff payments solutions sooner or later. There are several payroll software products available in Nigeria, and you can choose any one of them that meets your business’s needs and fits in with your budget. Here, we present you with the best six. Take a look, and choose for yourself.
  1. HR-Live
This software enables you to do a wide range of HR and payroll management tasks, including keeping and recalling employee’s personal data, enrollments, training and benefits. It also helps with creating and adjusting payment schedules, managing loans and salaries, deducting employee taxes and pensions, preparing staff training and disciplinary reports, and tracking payments history. This product comes with a comprehensive user manual, and it’s designers promise that it’s easy to upgrade. There are no fees required for updates to the software either. What’s more, users can have their questions attended to every moment of every day of the week. HR-Live has over 200 private deployments and more than 300 clients, and these numbers seem to be growing all the time.
  1. TalentBase
From employee pay issues and tax deductions to staff punctuality tracking and leave management, TalentBase covers the big HR and payroll concerns, and much more. Users can add staff up to the TalentBase platform once, and not have to do so again. Staff recruitment process gets easier and more organized with this software, and when people are hired, their salaries can be disbursed to them with just the click of a button. TalentBase turns the tedious task of calculating staff’s PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn) into a simple snappy computation. The platform automatically does this for you. And if you’re big on rewarding employees in accordance with their adherence to office time rules, you’ll have a dependable ally in TalentBase; it’s time tracking data is automatically synced to your payroll.
  1. TAMS
Regular HR and payroll management tasks such as salary payments, tax deductions and leave scheduling can be done with ease using TAMS’ software solutions. The fact that TAMS’s payroll applications are web-based makes it easy for employees to log into its system and carry out self-service actions. The system also caters to any form of employee benefit, including loan applications. Payrolls come with summaries which detail payroll costs by each department for the current pay period.
  1. PrimePayroll
Imagine being able to add up new employees to your payroll system, approve payments, generate and send payslips to employees- all on your mobile device. That’s one of the great things about PrimePayroll. Of course, you can do these things with a PC as well. It combines a user-friendly design and flexibility with security features in a way that makes it a valuable business management tool. Many businesses still see some value in keeping stacks of employee files, and it’s not a bad thing to do. But what about being able to get to the file you want, in just a couple of seconds, and with only a click- instead of ploughing through what may be dense volumes of paper? You can keep staff data within PrimePayroll’s secure cloud system and retrieve them at will and with ease.
  1. SageOne
SageOne has one impressive fact to present to anyone, who questions the quality of their software-based enterprise solutions: over 3 million businesses across the world use them. SageOne’s small business friendly payroll solution is a recent addition to a growing assortment of HR and payroll management products; but it’s coming on strong in these parts, and its many benefits have convinced numerous businesses to adopt it. SageOne payroll links up with SageOne accounting (an accounting software product), offering small businesses “a complete business solution.” The package doesn’t contain any technical jargon, so you’ll understand it even if you’re not a professional accountant or HR administrator. It can compute for unlimited earnings and deductions for salaries, taxes and contributions to employee funds. These advantages can be accessed via several operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows.
  1. PaydayNg
This one lets you capture and house a good deal of information about employee productivity and welfare: loans, payment methods, performance, transfer and promotion, leave, training, etc. It also has features that allow you to reprocess and post salaries, as well as make statutory deductions. Identification is made extra-definitive (if the need for this assurance ever arises) by a biometric, swipe card or facial recognition system. Crowning its array of functionalities is the fact that it can be accessed via mobile.   Featured Image Credit:  

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This article was first published on 24th January 2018


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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