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There are still many people out there who hold tight to the belief that how you turn out in life depends strictly on some factors including – a luck charm, a privileged birth, high level connections, special gifts/talents, and so on. The truth of the matter is that, yes, all the listed factors can give one a lift or a leverage. But that’s where it all ends. What every individual needs in abundance in order to achieve success in a quicker and more robust fashion is – Self Discipline.


Self-discipline has been simply defined as “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses” and as “the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to“. Self-discipline comes from inner strength which gives the wielder the power to make decisions, stick to them and follow through without wavering. It is, therefore, a key prerequisite for setting and achieving goals in every facet of life.

Applying Self-discipline in one’s day-to-day activities has huge rewards:

  1. Self-discipline keeps you focused and makes you able to prioritise your activities
  2. It ensures that you overcome laziness and procrastination.
  3. You are driven by objectives and values, not by whimsical predilections.
  4. Self-discipline gives you a great sense of self worth which in turn automatically raises your standards. You stop settling for less.
  5. You become more fulfilled and self-reliant.
  6. Your trustworthiness is boosted because you are better able to keep promises. You become a woman/man of your words.
  7. When you imbibe self-discipline, you have extra time for personal relaxation and other fun activities
Most people have acknowledged the enormous importance of self discipline, but have sadly failed to take the necessary steps to cultivate and inculcate same. What are you doing about it? You can start today.

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This article was first published on 19th November 2018


Noela is an Image consultant, a personal development and business coach. She helps corporate organisations and individuals achieve high performance through her bespoke trainings, coaching, seminars and workshops. Reach her on +2347030514885

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