Post Image is a global leader in the logistics industry. Known for its persistent adapting to its customers’ changing needs, competitive pricing rate and timely delivery has again made a wonderful impact by giving her customers and intending customers the opportunity to expand their shipping needs from other countries into Nigeria.

Over the past years, has expanded her services from just USA, UK and China to Netherlands, USA, UK, China, Germany, Turkey, France, Dubai, South Africa, India, Sweden and Switzerland. Companies seeking raw materials, service-vehicles and other supplies from global trusted merchants/suppliers now have access to the global markets with quality products yet very affordable prices. (Read more here

Speaking with CEO, Nduka Udeh, he says,

“There are several companies running at a loss due to very poor logistics. From getting trusted supplies, to the cost of shipping in the goods up to delays at the port, accruing demurrage and unwanted charges. This is not to mention extortion from dubious clearing agents, who are not licensed by the Nigerian Customs Service. These people jeopardize companies by cutting corners and of course when the huge fines are levied on the companies, they alone bear the consequences ranging from paying huge debts to shutting down operations’’.

Going further, he says that,

“the shipping industry is wide, and as such you need a shipping company who has the experience on your shipping needs. At Simplified Corporate Logistics, we know how to facilitate your shipping and develop personalized solutions after reviewing your company needs. will not only ship your goods at affordable rates but will also ensure that they are safely handled and delivered on time. is focused on achieving customer satisfaction.”

Featured Image Source: SCLogistics NG

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This article was first published on 23rd August 2019

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