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  Pocketlawyers, Escape, and Paysonet launched as Portfolio companies under the Nigerian Venture Studio, FirstFounders. Delivering on the vision to democratize entrepreneurship in Africa and build the most profitable ideas for the African market, FirstFounders, one of Nigeria’s top venture studios, launches three startups that promise to ease the lives of their users and expand their earning capacities.
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The first company, Pocketlawyers, is led by Ngozi Nwabueze and is Africa’s first fully integrated legal tech platform, providing exhaustive, premium, and affordable legal solutions to SMEs and startups. Their solution ensures that you meet all legal requirements as a business in a couple of clicks without needing physical appointments, long processes, exploitation, or fake documents. You can indicate what you want and get the solution right where you are. The second startup is Escape, led by Wilson Oguchi. It is a fintech product that allows users to save, pay bills, subscribe to services, or send money to anyone in any part of the country with ease and an assurance of no failed transactions. Escape has partnered with Kuda Microfinance Bank and Flutterwave to access fast, easy, and dependable transactions that carry cash-back values.
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Paysonet, a community banking service, is the third of the three newly launched companies under FirstFounders’ portfolio. Paysonet aims to simplify payments for customers and businesses and advance financial inclusion in underserved communities based on cultural values of inclusion, innovation, and collaboration. Their services include agency banking, payments & collections, and bill payments with a cashback value on any subscription transaction. Paysonet is led by Joseph Ukagwu. According to the CEO of FirstFounders, David Lanre Messan, “Our goal is simple, to work with founders to create companies that will transform economies and we are doing this one startup at a time. Hopefully, we will be able to take a good number of them to Series A.” This is why each product launched under FirstFounders started with us as an idea. We work with the founders and teams in an end-to-end process that helps us hold their hands through building these products from ideation to design, to MVP development, and now launching. Our goal is to ensure that we continue this process to funding and eventually, exit.
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These products are viable, proven to deliver on their promises, and ready to expand with investor funds. We will work through the marketing and fundraising processes with these products and look forward to being back in the news with a successful seed round announcement soon. Find all products here; | |www.paysonet.Ng |
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This article was first published on 15th October 2023 and updated on October 19th, 2023 at 8:32 am

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