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The truth about fashion is that it’s as old as man himself because as long as there was man, there would have been his fashion. Every age has its style and the expression that it refers to as fashion. I can bet you that the cavemen bragged over whether or not their chest hairs were curly or straight and the different types of leaves they wrapped around their waist. What else is that if not fashion? As we further discuss the rules of male fashion, I have another set of five tips to help you rule your wardrobe.
  • Dress for the occasion; wearing a suit to the beach is a cliché when it comes to fashion ‘don’ts’ but we seem to have a brain wipe when it comes to dressing appropriately to other places. Decorum necessitates that you ask yourself whether the outfit you have chosen is suitable for where you are going or the occasion you are attending, whether or not there is a clearly stated dress code. Being conscientious in dressing is a sign of style. Don’t wear shorts and sleeveless with slip ons to a formal event, church or conference. Neither should you suit up for a dress-down event just to prove that no one can tell you what to do.
  • Dress for others; I can already feel the smoking heat coming out of your nose, but yes, indecent dressing is not a female thing, men dress indecently too. Freedom of expression does not give you the right to assault other people. Just the same way it could be considered offensive if you lean in and speak into my nose knowing you have not had an appointment with your toothbrush and paste for two days, it also can be offensive when a man attends a function wearing something so tight his whole genitalia is outlined.
  • Dress for your body type; this is quite different from ‘fitting’. Dressing for your body type is not about wearing your ‘size’, but about wearing your ‘type’. Wearing a hugging T-shirt meant for your size may still not be good for you if your tummy gets to your destination a few moments before you do. Learn to wear things that highlight your good qualities and mask the weak. If you are very tall and lanky, the crop trousers that shy away from your ankles may not be what you want to wear for a first date, even if they are in vogue.  You will end up looking like you did in your early teenage age when you outgrew your clothes and give the girl the impression she may be in the scene of ‘back to the future’.
  • Dress to impress; if we are being real, what’s the whole essence of fashion if not to impress? We want others to notice us when we step into the room, we want to be complimented. I agree you are the first person you should please with your dressing, or else you are in the army or convent in which case you don’t have a choice, but the truth is you are very interested in pleasing others too. I hear people say, “Always dress only for yourself, not for others,” meanwhile, those same people leave their home sometimes without looking at the mirror. How is that dressing for yourself? Where I draw the line is discomforting myself because I’m trying to impress others, No, I must first love it, then hope you do too.
  • Be unpredictable; Even though you should have a particular sense of style as leadership gurus tell us that when you are consistent you tend to give off a sense of integrity, still, I think you can be consistent in looking good, but not consistent wearing the same thing all the time. Spice up your wardrobe, try different kinds of outfits, even different cultures. Make it a thing that when you show up in a place, whether you are known or not, people are interested in seeing you because they want to see what you are wearing this time. It keeps you interesting as a person. We get tired with the ‘same ol’, same ol’ and are inclined to dismiss such people easily.

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This article was first published on 3rd November 2017

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