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brave-timeline   Brave, a short film by Dolapo Adeleke Genre– drama Year– 2014 Cast– Adesua Etomi, Wole Ojo, Diana Yekini Brave is a story based on the lives and trials of a young couple Nathan (Wole Ojo) and Layo (Adesua Etomi). From the surface they appear close, playful and happy but after being married for two years, Layo is a bit apprehensive about her inability to get pregnant. When she eventually gets pregnant after a prayer of agreement with her husband, she withholds the news to break to him on their anniversary dinner which never takes place. The set, the pacing and the dialogue was impressive though there was a noticeable glitch in the use of a smartphone model unavailable in the year of 2006 when the movie was based. That mistake is just like forgetting a wristwatch on a character in a film set in the pre-historic era (maybe not as damaging). I enjoyed the fact that the film didn’t extend beyond thirty minutes which most directors would have done and crammed it with unnecessarily long and boring scenes. Wole Ojo is an exceptional and consistent actor, he didn’t let us down. Adesua Etomi was able to portray her character’s anguish without doing so in an over-dramatic manner. She is an actor to look out for. Diana Yekini is my break out star for the year, though cast in a minor role. Has anyone noticed she is being cast as ‘drama queen’, a stereotype she has to avoid? My advice is to click on this link and watch this short film, it has a clear cut message and is inspiring. Most films are devoid of a ‘message’ and only have a commercial appeal. So when you find a film that has both, it’s worth writing about. Watch Brave here HERE

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This article was first published on 14th June 2014

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