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I had my first Buns and Batter experience last year. Hubby came home with their chocolate chip cookies and their cornish pie. He gave me the pie and gave his children the cookies. My goodness! That pie was divine. It left me wishing for more. As e no come dey, I say make I use children cookie clean mouth. Omo, that delightful cookie made me realize two things. The first was that Buns and Batter cookies can make all things beautiful. The second was that Buns and Batter was a restaurant to visit. So, I visited once, twice and then, three times. Here is what I think of the restaurant:

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The ambience is great. The decor’s simple, warm and welcoming. Yet, it’s easy to notice the attention to detail. You’d love the witty write-ups on the wall. In my opinion, Buns and Batter is an ideal spot for business meetings, romantic dates or for hangout with family and friends. I love visiting in the afternoon when the restaurant is quiet. At this time, you can even get some light office work done as the background music is usually soft. Evenings are usually busy and sometimes, noisy. The restaurant houses a bakery. It’s kid-friendly too; there’s a menu for children and high chairs for them too.

Buns and Batter has an interesting variety of breakfast options. But they are not just about breakfast. They have quite an elaborate menu. Even though they don’t do soup and swallow, you can find other delicious meals that you can have for lunch and dinner. Finger foods are available there as well. They also have an assortment of freshly made, feel-good milkshakes, cocktails and mocktails.

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That said, this restaurant has been consistent in the delivery of quality meals. Their spaghetti and meatballs are to die for and their Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake hits all the sweet spots in the body. The portion size is filling. Their prices are a bit on the high side though so, carry money as you dey go.

The staff at Buns and Batter are friendly, attentive and smart. The convenience is neat. Unfortunately, it takes an inordinate amount of time for orders to arrive. The first time I visited this restaurant, I nearly expired from hunger. It took almost an hour for my food to be delivered. To be honest, if I had not paid in advance for the service, I’d have left and never returned. Fortunately, I didn’t and the finger-licking delicacy they presented me with convinced me to give them a second and even a third chance. Not everyone would be that magnanimous. Management should therefore look into this and do the needful.

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All in all, my Buns and Batter experience has been cool. Thus, if you find yourself in G.R.A phase 2, you might want to give them a try.

Address: 45 King Perekunle Street, G.R.A. Phase 2, Port Harcourt

Instagram Handle: Bunsandbatter

Phone Number: 08162961432

Featured Image Source: Jennifer Peters
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This article was first published on 14th May 2022


Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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