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You may have heard the term ‘personal growth’, ‘personal development’, ‘self-improvement’, and many other terms that suggest one’s investment in himself or herself. However, in my discussions and teachings, I prefer making use of the word, ‘personal growth’. This is because of my belief that humans are living beings and every living being grow.
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In addition, growth to me encompasses the whole idea of intentionality and personal responsibility.

What Is Personal Growth?

This is the conscious effort you take towards improving yourself in the direction of your perceived life destination. So, growth is no growth unless it is relevant to the purpose for which one exists. You can spend months learning how to play a musical instrument, for instance, but it won’t be termed growth when you do not play the musical instrument after your months of rigorous training. From the above definition, understand that Personal Growth is:
  • Conscious: that is, it is something that occurs because you make up your mind to see it in place.
  • Improvement: that is, every growth must leave you better. When it does not, it is no growth at all.
  • Direction: that is, every of your growth efforts must be in a definite direction. So, when there is no direction, there is no growth.
  • Life Destination: that is, every growth must be in the light of you attaining fulfilment in knowing that you have achieved your life purpose.
I must also not fail to point out to you that Personal Growth is an individual thing and not a group thing. Have you ever wondered why 20 students may be in a classroom and when an examination is set, only a few come out top?
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You may be on a program that makes provision for group activities aimed at growth, but no matter how much the group bonds and works together, the group will never experience growth at the same rate or level and in the same direction.

How To Get Started On Your Personal Growth Journey?

I love to describe Personal Growth as a journey. This is because it is something that begins from a particular point and continues in a clear direction, with a destination in mind. Below are a few things you need to get started on your journey of Personal Growth:


If your journey must be successful and deliver the right results, it must first begin at the stage of recognition. This is the awareness stage in which you become more aware of the areas you are lacking in that you need to invest in improving. Remember when you first tried to ride a bicycle and remember that you do not know not how to ride one?
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The second stage in beginning your Personal Growth journey is the stage of decision. This is the stage at which, having recognized that there is a need for growth in your life, you now make up your mind to move in search of the steps and resources that will help you grow in line with the destination you have in mind.


As I said earlier, growth is growth when it is definite. So, in beginning the journey of your Personal Growth, you must clearly define for yourself what the destination is and what the direction towards that destination is. It is at this stage that you set out your goals and the necessary personal growth plan to work with.


This is the most important aspect of the Personal Growth Journey. At this stage, you are taking the necessary steps toward going in the direction and becoming the person that will ensure you get to the destination you have set out for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Your personal growth should be of utmost importance to you. So, own the journey and be sure you are not leaving it to someone else. Featured Image Source: Big Think
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This article was first published on 6th May 2022


Ifegwu-Mbonu Victor is a Personal Growth and Leadership Trainer who provides training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

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