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Do you have the talent, confidence and skills to showcase your makeup skills to the world? Eryca Freemantle, in partnership with Olympia Beauty London UK , and the Creative Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria, invites you to display your work to a multinational audience. After recently visiting Nigeria and meeting many of the industry’s best, Eryca wishes to showcase to the world, Nigeria’s Creative Make Up Artistes. While presenting her All Women of Colour Campaign at Olympia Beauty Show on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2013 she will introduce and include 4 handpicked talents from Nigeria, Send 2 head shot photos of your best work to eryca.freemantle [at]  email must be have the subject: Olympia 2013 Competition. Closing date: 28th August. Four lucky winners will be chosen and announced before the show in September. Eryca was keynote speaker at the June Creative Enterprise Session held at the British Council Lagos. Eryca, a global makeup artist, product developer, empowerment speaker, teacher, educator, trainer and grooming pioneer motivated the creative entrepreneurs present as she shared her emotional yet inspiring story of her entrepreneurial journey on the topic Live What You Love: How to become a Global Beauty Industry Success. To drive home the message she wanted to pass across, Eryca aired a 25-minute documentary video of the summary her life experiences. She talked about how her journey into limelight was inspired by the pains she experienced while growing up and the fatal accident that left her with over 200 scars on her face. She recounted her experience of not being able to walk for years, followed by a nervous breakdown. However, the story has changed as she is now a global brand and makes up for the likes of Seal, Late Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. She described this as turning “pain to profit”. She added that it could happen to anyone but she was determined not to allow her experiences put her down. Earlier she had talked about how her low self-esteem triggered by incessant bullying from the age of four till she was a teen made her believe there was nothing good about her. She encouraged the entrepreneurs  to take advantage of their situations – past or present and launch into making something positive out of it. She said that where you come from does not matter as long as you do something positive with yourself.  You can turn your tragedy into a business. She further recounted how she started with a campaign called,  “Women of Colour” in the United Kingdom. It was an initiative to stand up for the rest of the blacks who were being discriminated against, especially the women. She admonished the entrepreneur to take a stand, believe in something and have the courage to pursue it. She expressed how pleased she was by the progress of the make-up industry in Nigeria and said that the entrepreneur should work smart especially in building their brands and manufacturing their own products. If they do not, she added that foreign brands would come and take over the market. Eryca also came with three young mentees she said she had mentored in four days and are part of her newly constituted Eryca Freemantle brand group in Nigeria. They also spoke on how they have been motivated by Eryca’s life and her determination to make an impact on the world.

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This article was first published on 24th July 2013

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