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It has been said that confidence is one of the most attractive features of an individual, but it still eludes some people who find it so hard to present themselves in a manner that shows even the littlest level of confidence. It seems as if no matter how hard they try, they are never sure and are easily put down because they lack the guts to stand on their own. Confidence can be simple or complex depending on the way you see it personally. A person with a low self esteem would find it more difficult to exude confidence compared to a person with a high self esteem. The main concept of confidence is that it cannot be forced, it either comes naturally or you learn the art of faking it. However, if you would like to give yourself a quick boost of confidence, here are some tips that can help you and they are as easy as ABCD…

  • Accept your uniqueness: The first thing you need to realize that there are no other you in the world. Even if you have a twin, they can never be everything that you are. You need to accept the fact that you are unique and there is no one like you, only then can you expect people to accept you the way you are. Accepting oneself goes a long way in boosting self confidence.

  • Banish the fear: Being under constant fear of one thing or the other will not bring out your full potentials. You need to let go of all the fear and doubt, another B you need to remember is Believing in yourself. You have to believe in yourself first before trying to convince others to believe in you. So banish whatever fear you have and believe in yourself that you can do it.

  • Conquer failure: Perhaps your self confidence is low because you keep failing at what you do. This is not the end of the world, the best thing is to move on and conquer the failure. Even if you keep falling, you need to keep getting back up. That is the sure way to be above the failure and not let it conquer you. Remember that winners never quit and quitters never win.

  • Depend on yourself: No one is going to make you confident unless you do it yourself. Confidence manifests from the inside before it begins to show outwardly. You have to develop that confidence within you and to do that you need to depend on yourself. Surely you must have heard that if you need to get something done you got to do it yourself, confidence is one of those things you have to develop on your own with little or no help.


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This article was first published on 29th August 2016


Opoola Jelifat is a young and passionate writer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and enjoys reading, cooking and writing on real life issues. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Ibadan. Contact her on, and via Twitter and facebook by clicking the icons below.

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