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Modelling requires that the models: male and female have specific body measurements. Your body measurement will be taken into consideration for all modelling gigs. It is therefore vital for models to be familiar with their accurate body measurement.

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When you want to sew a new cloth, the fashion designer will measure certain parts of your body. It is the same for models. In modelling, it is referred to as model statistics. Your model statistics determines the kind of modelling gig you are fit for.

All modelling agencies will ask for your modelling statistics. It helps them to help you land your dream gig. Aspiring, new and established models should know their modelling statistics.

Male and female models do not possess the same physique. Therefore, the model statistics needed for male and female models differ. Female models need to know their height, bust, waist and hips. Male models need to know their height and chest.

These are the model statistics male and female models need to know.

1. Height

Height is vital is modelling. Male and female models need to have specific height. Knowing your height will save you the stress of applying for the wrong gig.

If you don’t fit a particular modelling gig because of your height, you will find another one. Male models are usually required to be taller than their female counterpart.

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Don’t put on shoes, heels or caps when measuring your height. It will alter your accurate height. To measure your height accurately, stand against a wall. Let someone mark the top part of your head on the wall. Then, with a measuring tape, measure your height from the floor to the marked point.

2. Weight

Models need to know their weight. Your weight is your total body mass. Usually, taller models weigh more. The importance of knowing your weight is to make sure you are healthy. Your health is important to modelling agencies.

Don’t be surprised if emphasis is laid on your weight. A model is expected to be lean and healthy. Male models usually weigh more than female models.

3. Bust/chest

Bust measurement is for female models while chest measurement is for male models. This measurement is very important. It determines the fitting of clothes. Models are expected to have specific bust/chest measurement. It is more preferable to let someone take your bust/chest measurement.

For female models, it is advisable to measure the fuller part of your bust. Make sure the measurement is not too tight or too loose. Don’t wear a loose fitting bra or padded bra, it will alter your measurement.

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Male models should measure the wider part of their chest. Don’t wear baggy clothes. Put on a thin fabric to get the accurate measurement.

4. Waist

Female models are required to know their waist measurement. The waist is between the hip bone and last rib. When taking your waist measurement, don’t wear waist trainers, tummy wraps or tummy tight. Don’t also suck in your tummy.

5. Hips

Hips measurements are for female models. Don’t wear hip enhancement clothing when taking your hip measurement. Measure the biggest part of your hip to get your accurate measurement.


When taking your model statistics, it is advisable to let someone do it for you. Be sincere with your result. Don’t alter it. Also, take your measurements regularly. It can be done monthly or once in three months.

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This article was first published on 18th July 2022


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