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When we speak of mindset, we are referring to a concept that affects everyone, no matter who you are, where you live or what financial status you currently have. You may have heard of mindset and how important it is in the life of every individual but you may not have known to what degree your mindset can go in determining or affecting the course of your life as an individual. Whether you succeed or fail in anything you do or you involve yourself has a great deal to do with the quality of your mindset.  
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What Is Mindset? 

Mindset refers to a set of beliefs you hold that are shaped or formed from your past experiences and which affect or determine the way you think, see yourself, and act. These beliefs are not formed all of a sudden but are the sum total of everything you have come to accept as being true or false ever since you were born.  

How Mindsets Are Formed

One’s mindset is a result of three important factors – orientation, experience, and association. 


the orientation you have as an individual affects your mindset, even more than the other two factors. This is because it is the first factor that a child is introduced to in helping it make sense of the world. One’s orientations also go a long way to define the kind of experiences one may have and the kind of association one may keep. When a child is born, it learns the first set of things about the world simply from the things its parents share with it. This is why most cultures such as the Igbo people of Nigeria teach their children good morals through folklores. Away from the home, the child is put in schools where the child also undergoes various other forms of orientation from teachers and tutors. Ever wondered why most children hate mathematics? Now, you have your answer – their first set of mathematics teachers made them see mathematics as a very difficult subject that they can never understand.  
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Next to orientation is experience. The things one experiences go a long way to determine how such a one will handle similar or other experiences. Observe little children, oftentimes, when they experience hurt from an object, it will take a great effort on your part to encourage them to come close to such an object again. Most times these experiences are carried on into adulthood and they continue to determine how such an individual reacts and acts. Most adults today are scared of heights not necessarily because they have a medical illness but because of an experience they had while they were kids.  


Your association as an individual affects you in so many ways than you will ever be aware of. I remember when I was much younger, I had a friend who I spent the most time with and in no time, I began walking and talking like him. It took some people pointing it out to me before I realized that I had been influenced greatly by my friend. 
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How Your Mindset Affects You  

Your beliefs as an individual come into play in helping you make choices and decisions per time. Being that mindset refers to the generality of these beliefs, the quality of your choices and decisions are affected by your mindset. As an individual, your choices and decisions are what determine your actions and inactions. Your actions and inactions in the same vein affect what results you get at every given time.  Featured Image Source: Forbes
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This article was first published on 20th April 2022


Ifegwu-Mbonu Victor is a Personal Growth and Leadership Trainer who provides training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

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