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By Oritsegbubemi Peace Pessu.
A black blazer on white shirt, sleeves folded just elbow to show the white cuffs, a pair of blue jeans, black ankle boots and a splash of blood red Miu Miu large handbag for a little excitement. But the icing to this cake is my rectangular frame nerd glasses. I can tell you, it spiked my chic look to va-va-voomy in just seconds. Originally worn by nerds, they [nerd glasses] were made popular in the early 1917 by Harold Lloyd. Today, as people wearing glasses are perceived as higher intellectuals, the trend has been made popular seeing it is an easy way to emulate these intellects (And I’m guilty as charged on that one, I should know). We sometimes get to wear them totally wrongly but not to worry, I’ve got some tips ready that I assure you, when you are done reading will cause an emergence of the inner nerd in you. First off, you should know that to get this trend right you have to:- · Be consistent. Make it a signature part of your look. · Dress the part. Let your outfit blend well with your frames. Goes best with nerdy outfit and hey, a nerd could look real cool and stylish you know. Secondly, acquaint yourself with types of nerd glasses which are:- · Wayfarer style · Clark Kent style · Half or Semi frame style · Vintage gazelle or Cat- eyed shaped style For choosing the face flattering nerd glasses, you could do well with these clues, · Figure out your facial shape. That can be done in front of a mirror by pulling your hair back if any, and drawing the outline of your face on the mirror with a marker. · Choose the appropriate frame for your face (a) For oval faces [Proportion chin narrower than forehead with prominent cheekbones]: which is the easiest to fit, try square, geometric or rectangular glass frames and steer clear of bogus glasses as they tend to make you look buggy. (b) Round faces[Full face, round chin]: your goal is to create some angle, so, go for rectangular frame to thin and lengthen face OR geometric glasses to sharpen feature and add depth to cheek while anything round cuts your face in half thus a big no. (c) Heart shaped [Narrow chin, visible cheekbones and wide forehead]: Opt for frames, wide at bottom, flat or aviator style on top to balance on the proportion as the face is wide at the top. Please no glasses with designs on top. (d) Diamond [Small chin and forehead, prominent cheekbones]: Choose up-curving frames (cat eyed) or rimless style to highlight your cheekbones or oval frames with detailed or defined brow line to give forehead the illusion of being wide. Thick or narrow frames are not allowed for you. (e) Square [Proportional width and length, broad jaw line and forehead]: Soften up the angle a bit with oval, round or butterfly shape to draw attention to eyes. Avoid geometric shape that amp angles. (f) Oblong [Long, thin, pointy chin, angular feature and high forehead]: Please drop the short or small frame that emphasize facial size and length and try decorated frame to make face shorter and more proportionate. Simple tips yet nuclear that guarantees you the ‘head turning’ effect especially with the right clothes like me because I was geek yet chic and dare I say it again, va-va-voomy!   Photo Courtesy:

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This article was first published on 5th September 2012 and updated on September 25th, 2012 at 4:55 pm

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