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Oftentimes, people long to improve their personalities and become better people. It has been long discovered that the surest of ways to do that is to change one’s behaviour. Changing your behaviour implies that you are tasked with ‘pushing yourself.’ The exercise of pushing yourself can only be done mentally and it depends on your thinking process.

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This article is written to persuade you; that you should do more by ‘pushing yourself’ to accept any challenge and undertake them, despite the difficulty you might face in the process. If you have decided to not push yourself, that is easy and comfortable — you just keep going with the flow. But pushing yourself is proactive, and it launches you into spaces where you can gather a lot of new experiences.

Pushing yourself involves you being courageous enough to say NO. Before now, you have been finding it difficult to say the word for fear of appearing selfish, even though it is in your best interest and well-being to say No. You will need to push yourself to say No. Do not settle for discomfort because you feel obligated to. Stand up and make your choices and let your voice be heard.

Pushing yourself involves you taking the time to think about all that has been required of you to do. You do not have to perform what is assigned to you but instead what you desire to do. Pushing yourself is simply being proactive, it is a mindset of planning.

You have to push yourself by way of being intentional about what you are learning or what you could learn. Learning happens every day.  But you have to be aware of what you learn and how it affects the directions in life that you desire.

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You can begin the habit of pushing yourself in small ways.  For example, you can do the following:
  • Mix up your everyday habits and switch to more unconventional ways of doing things.
  • Experiment with a new rising time.  You can wake up a few hours earlier than usual. 
  • Purposefully avoid using clichés in conversation, especially the ones you are known to use.  
  • Be creative with your thinking.  You can try being genuine with your takes on certain issues.

It may seem funny, but changing your trivial and mundane habits has significance. You will become more aware.  Your creativity levels will soar as proof of your growth. You will find new ways to do things, a changed perception of your environment, and your interaction with people around you will be enhanced. You will become more decisive, your confidence will be established, and gradually there will be an improvement in your problem-solving skills.

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One major thing to motivate and push yourself is a better-designed roadmap for your future necessary to guide you.

Think about where you are now. Think about where you are going. Think about how you intend to get there. Take enough time to sit with your thoughts and it will inspire you to push yourself.  You should push yourself by thinking past your limitations. Spending time to think about the future with enough clarity will do you good.

Pushing yourself happens steadily; it takes place thought by thought, action by action, day by day. Over time, the actions you take will create major changes in your life. Pushing yourself requires resilience, persistence, grit, and constant reminders of your future vision.

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This article was first published on 14th June 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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