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When it comes to fashion, you expect the unexpected. Fashion statements are persistently breaking new grounds, with people always trying innovative looks. It’s no surprise, then, that the latest trend of studding clothes with pearls and stones has taken over. Just like pearl earrings and necklaces, accessorising outfits with pearls makes them timeless. This piece of detailing is versatile because it can switch up any outfit from basic to extraordinary. Another cool thing about this latest trend is that it is inexpensive. The stones do not cost much and you can place the stones yourself. This trend is buzzing, and you will find a myriad of stylish ways to slay in bedazzled outfits – you can pearl or stone anything from your pants to your skirts, dress, jeans. All you need are the stones/pearls and an iron!

Want to join the trend? Check out these lovely ideas

As mentioned, pearls and stones goes well with any attire. A studded stylish, butterfly sleeve jumpsuit, embellished with stones is one way to rock to go.
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  Use pearls to embellish from top to bottom to give you that uber-chic look.
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  Wearing maxi gowns can seem overwhelming because of their heavy look. However, you can give this design an edge by pearling it.
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  You don’t have to stud from top to bottom. A fabulously classic look would be a simple flare gown, with embellished neckline collar and sleeves.
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  The embellishments make an already cool outfit more stunning. For the casual but glam look, you can wear a pearl studded cardigan with white pants.
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This article was first published on 9th March 2018


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