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  A successful business is structured in such a way that it is positioned for success. If you want to enjoy the business’s success, you must set it up in a way that it wouldn’t fail. Running a small and medium-sized business can be difficult to run, and due to its difficulty, it might fail. This is why it is expected that you should automate the process of your business. In this article, I develop four ways to structure your business to make it success-friendly.
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  • Consider A Workflow Audit
For instance, think about visiting an understaffed restaurant. They are struggling to grant you your orders, the table is a mess, and not just yours, but that of others. The whole place is a rat race. Staff are running around like headless chickens. If this is a one-time occasion, you might want to forgive them. However, if this is a recurring situation, you might get frustrated and leave one day. Not just you, but others. But imagine where the restaurant is super-organized, the food is tasty, the customer service is top-notch, I am pretty sure you will want to repeat your experience. Therefore, it is very important to organize your business. Get your team, give them their permanent roles, and get your business operations streamlined. That way, your customers have fewer hurdles with their transactions, and your logistics are simpler to accomplish. 
  • Create An Organization Chart
An organized business is set up for success. If you want your business to experience success, you have to organize it. You need to get your team members on track and delegate responsibilities to each of them. You need people for everything from the direction and execution to finding new customers and providing goods and services. Establish a detailed organizational chart that clarifies the roles, details responsibilities, and explains cross-over methods. As a result, this chart will make each job more accessible and productive. It becomes easier to handle tasks and conflicts that may arise when the definition of who runs those becomes clearer. A by-product of having clearly defined expectations and parameters on which your team needs to focus is increased productivity. The power of an organization chart is that it will clarify each position within your business. It will also demonstrate how those roles interact and provide an understanding of who can assist them with questions. Of course, the final decider is you, but it can be burdensome to enforce actions. To illustrate further, hiring outside help, from bookkeepers to marketing, is crucial. Outsourcing for small businesses can include:
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  • bookkeeping and accounting;
  • lead generation and marketing;
  • human resources, payroll, and legal;
  • customer service; and
  • logistics and order satisfaction.
Outsourcing is an outstanding technique for startups and formulating a long-term plan to scale operations with your business. This plan should reflect these organizational values you’ve established.
  • Declutter Your Space
Decluttering is creating physical space in your business. A well-spaced and open area as a workplace makes doing business easy and comfortable. A clean physical room is synonymous with your organizational chart’s message that every operation detail is purposeful and thought out. The idea of “everything in its place and a place for everything” should be the mantra of your company. In a disorganized office, it will be difficult to navigate and look for things. The more organized your office is, the easier people will conduct the small tasks. The simpler it is to conduct the small tasks, the less time detracts from productivity.
  • Digitize Business Process
Digitizing business processes means going paperless and conducting business most efficiently. The problem of running so much paperwork can be very tedious, confusing and even lead to the loss of important documents. Therefore, it is pivotal to store important documents in the cloud or through your email. Consider creating a centralized document on your cloud service and having a service such as DocuSign handle contracts. Use email for the transfer of documents from one desk to another. This will create a better and safer business process. Featured Image Source: eHopper
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This article was first published on 8th April 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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