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  If you aren’t using social media for business, you will constantly lag behind your competitors because of how much it has evolved as a tool. To be successful on various social media sites, you need to use different techniques. For example, Instagram focuses on media, whereas Twitter focuses on text. When establishing a strategy, take into account Twitter’s distinctive features as a platform and make use of them. As your company expands, you cannot dismiss the value of social media as a platform for product sales.
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Virtually everything you can sell on other social networking platforms is possible to sell on Twitter, even your own products like smartwatches or barbecue sauce. Digitized goods, such as courses or templates that may be downloaded as well as it has grown into a meta space.  There are 206 million monetizable daily active users on Twitter. There are a ton of chances to sell on the marketplace there. Several of these users might be part of your target market. You must master the art of selling on Twitter because having a large audience alone does not ensure sales. Twitter can be used as a marketing tool for lead generation, thought leadership, and public relations. Although it requires some expertise and talent to sell on Twitter, it is a viable medium for expanding your brand and is absolutely worth the effort.

The followings are ways to sell on Twitter:

  1. Engage with the audience.
Don’t be timid; social media was designed to encourage interaction between people. Respond to mentions and retweets, host Q&A sessions, and engage not only with your fans but also with other people who are important to your business.
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This increases trust and interest, which will motivate your viewers to join the dialogue. Establish your brand’s message and how you want your Twitter profile to appear to users.
  1. Share topics that will interest your audience.
Not all of your tweets should be promotional in nature. If users notice that you share posts and content that they want to see, they are more inclined to follow you. Additionally, the more people who view your profile, the more leads you can have.
  1. Be consistent.
Users who tweet regularly and consistently are given preference by the Twitter algorithm. There are many social media management solutions that let you schedule posts in advance to assist you in doing this. As a result, you won’t feel under pressure to constantly think of fresh, witty things to say when you open the app. Your leads will remain consistent if you use a scheduling program to keep your Tweets consistent.
  1. Stay updated on the standing of your business.
Use routine social listening to keep track of what customers are saying about your company online. Listen to what is being said whenever you or your product is referenced so you can understand how people are referring to it. Examine the data to see if there are any revealing trends that could assist you to identify potential obstacles to leads becoming paying clients.
  1. Keep up with business news.
Keep up with significant (or minor) changes in your sector by monitoring Twitter frequently. For instance, if you discovered that your competition made a significant announcement but are unsure of the specifics, search for the competitor’s name on Twitter to learn the most recent information and what others are saying about it.
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Real-time updates on Twitter are excellent for learning about breaking news before it’s even posted online. This advantage will teach you how to outsell the competition and increase sales.
  1. Accept criticism.
Listen to what customers are saying about your brand or product rather than merely observing what they are saying. Customers can tweet about their experiences, whether they were pleasant or negative. Apply modifications that can increase your sales using the free feedback you would typically need to pay for from a focus group.
  1. Make contact with influential people or relevant followers.
Find changemakers in your field and stay in touch with them. Keep an eye out for what they are saying and consider whether partnerships would be advantageous for your company. A mutually advantageous offer you may make to a different successful company that you interact with on Twitter, for instance, is a co-branding agreement. Building twitter relevance is complex but with it, you can reach a large number of potential customers and be successful at what you do. The ways listed above can help you reach the climax of your sales target if strictly followed.  Featured Image Source: Makemoney NG
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This article was first published on 12th October 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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