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Greek yogurt is a very popular dairy product. It has a great taste and flavour. The health benefits are numerous and its versatility is also an advantage for it can use in different recipes. Greek yogurt can be prepared at home but there are some pretty awesome brands that you can buy. Sometimes though we end up making or buying more yogurt that we can consume at once and if there is no one to share with, we automatically start thinking of preservation. Here are four steps that can help to preserve Greek yogurt:
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Prevent Cross-Contamination: If the yogurt you bought cannot be finished at a sitting, then, don’t eat out of the container. Scoop some into a bowl and eat. You must also endeavour to use a clean spoon to scoop the yogurt out of the container. These will prevent cross-contamination. Lest I forget, if you love mixing the old food with a new one, don’t do it with your yogurt as you risk contamination and food poisoning. Seal the Container Tightly: Some of you will patiently open and scoop the yogurt from its container but then, the urge to dig in becomes uncontrollable; so, you do a hasty and shabby job of resealing the container. Well, if this description is you, let me formally inform you that your yogurt is at risk of contamination. Thus, you should use an airtight container to store it and seal it properly after each opening.
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Don’t store it in the Door of the Fridge: Yoghurt has a delicate nature. The littlest change in temperature can affect its longevity. Therefore, just storing it in the refrigerator is not enough. It should be stored at the back of the refrigerator where the temperature is cool and consistent and not in the door with its unstable temperature. Freeze It: Yoghurt can last for months if frozen. However, freezing it changes its texture but the taste and flavour remain the same, at least it does to me. However, if you feel that the consistency, taste or flavour is affected by freezing so much so that you can no longer eat it, well, you can use it in smoothies and baking recipes.  In conclusion, nature abhors waste. We must therefore find creative ways to use our food remnants. Sources Respect Food Featured image: Live Eat Learn
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This article was first published on 5th February 2022


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