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Valentine is just a few hours away. Perhaps you’ve been deeply engrossed in your work and not had enough time to plan how to give your partner that special treat for the season. Though love should be expressed every day, Valentine’s Day is one day that lovers all around the world commemorate. While you may not particularly care about making the day a special one for yourself, have you considered your partner? Love isn’t about ourselves, but about giving of ourselves to others. Valentine doesn’t always have to be loud and jostling; a quiet and romantic one works better sometimes. Doing the same thing over and over again can quickly get boring. Below are some ways you can spend a quiet romantic Valentine with that special person. 1. Candle-lit dinner How more beautiful can it get? A candle-lit dinner signifies much more than a beautiful cuisine. A candle-lit dinner is one very powerful way to pass a message across without words. It is just a perfect way to impress and have a private time with a loved one in a beautiful ambience. 2. Home-made pastry and a movie If you are the handy type you can make pastries at home; nothing elaborate. You can actually learn how to do such months before that day. After all, it is in the name of love. Home-made cookies, cup cakes or doughnuts in different shapes such as ace of spades, hearts, and diamonds. Select a classic romance movie to watch as you enjoy your home-made pastry together. What’s more? You could both get a new recipe that you can try out together. It’s a lot of fun and can enhance bonding. 3. Share a bottle of wine with soft music Make a collection of his/her favourite songs; create a playlist that can last all through the night. Get a bottle of red wine, something smooth that will make that day memorable. Share memories as you drink and listen to music together. 4. Pictures – a thousand expressions A slideshow of pictures with short poems in between can be very heartwarming. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Get a collage of your favorite photographs including ones where both of you are together and create a slideshow with background music and love notes in between pictures. Form your own love story. This is sure to kindle more sparks between you and make the Valentine a memorable one. 5. Arrange a quiet getaway You can surprise him/her by reserving an accommodation for two in a far off place away from the cacophony of urban life – a place where the silence is so loud where your heart beats can create a rhythm for the night. It could be a condo by the beach or a resort. Just make it count. Remember, creating the perfect scenario for Valentine doesn’t mean one has to break the bank. Simple and loving gestures are often the ones that speak volumes.  

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This article was first published on 13th February 2014

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