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It is exciting to share an amazing new book by Victor Ifegwu-Mbonu titled “Beyond Butterflies: Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Love Relationship.” This book is a must-have resource for singles and those intentional about finding a purposeful, fulfilling love relationship leading to marriage.
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This book provides thought-provoking questions and insights to help you navigate the journey of understanding yourself and your potential partner before committing to the relationship. Through open and honest conversations prompted by “Beyond Butterflies”, you’ll uncover critical aspects of your compatibility, test your convictions, and set the foundation for mutual understanding, respect and commitment from day one.
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No more letting assumptions, infatuation or convenience determine the path of your love life. With this book, you’ll make informed decisions and build a love relationship with your eyes open. Whether you’re considering getting serious with someone or want to be more intentional in your approach to love, you will find “Beyond Butterflies” as an invaluable guide.
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You can purchase the eBook version online at or via bank transfer (details below): GTBank | 0245132802 | Victor Ifegwu-Mbonu. Then WhatsApp Victor at +2347044146783 with your proof of payment. Don’t miss out on this! Get your copy of “Beyond Butterflies” today and embark on the journey of intentional love.
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This article was first published on 21st March 2024

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